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File:Class Portrait.EXT
Health And Armour
Health Maximum x
Armour Type: Green
Armour On Spawn: x
Armour Maximum: x
Maximum Speed: x
Grenade 1: Frag
Grenade 2: Frag
slot1: Crowbar
slot2: Crowbar
slot3: Crowbar
slot4: Crowbar
slot5: Crowbar
slot6: Crowbar

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  • You need to add the abilities, weapons and grenades parameters
    And also the extra parameters for the info box (health, armour, power, speed)
    See Class:Scout or Class:Pyro for example of pages that are already done

Class intro lol

Changes from Team Fortress Classic

Changes info lol

Special Command

Special Command info lol

Special Abilities

  • Ability 1 lol

  • Ability 2 lol

  • Ability 3 lol

  • Ability 4 lol

  • Ability 5 lol

  • Ability 6 lol

  • Ability 7 lol

  • Ability 8 lol

  • Ability 9 lol


Weapons here


Grenades here.


All classes are technically capable of carrying all of the different types of Ammunition. The various types of ammo in Fortress Forever are listed here along with the amount the class spawns with, the maximum the class can carry, and whether or not a class can discard that type of ammo. (For example, a Soldier can not discard Rockets since his RPG uses them.)

Some classes spawn with 0 of a specific type of ammo, and some classes can not pick up a specific type of ammo at all (represented by a 0 in the "Maximum" column).

Ammunition At Spawn Maximum Discard
Frag x x x
Frag x x x
Shells x x x
Nails x x x
Cells x x x
Rockets x x x
Detpacks x x x

Strategy And Tips


Concept Art: dood

Model: dood

Skin: dood

Voice: dood

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