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File:Weapon Portrait.EXT
Rate of Fire x Magazine Size x
Damage x Recoil x
Projectile Info
Projectile Speed x    
Hitscan Info
Bullets To Shoot x Bullet Spread x
Pre Reload Time x Reload Time x
Post Reload Time x Spintime (AC) x
Default Ammo x Max Ammo x
Ammo Type x    

Class intro lol


Changes info lol

Special Abilities

  • Ability 1 lol

  • Ability 2 lol

  • Ability 3 lol

  • Ability 4 lol

Strategy And Tips

Strategy and tips lol

FF Weapons
Melee Crowbar  •  Knife  •  Medkit  •  Spanner  •  Umbrella
Bullet Assault Cannon  •  Auto Rifle
Pelletgun  •  Sniper Rifle  •  Super Shotgun
Projectile Flamethrower  •  Grenade Launcher  •  Incendiary Cannon  •  Nailgun
Pipe Launcher  •  Railgun  •  RPG  •  Super Nailgun  •  Tranq
Misc Detpack  •  Dispenser  •  Sentry Gun  •  Jump Pad