The Dark Order

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This clan doesn't appear to exist any more. If you know further information about this clan, please update this page! (or ask for it to be removed from the clan list if it doesn't exist)


Tag: /order/
Country: United States

Server Name: /order/ The Dark Order Clan
Server Ip:
Server Location: Dallas, Texas
Sever Donations: Thank You

IRC Channel: Gamesurge #thedarkorder
Website: The Dark Order Forums
Steam Page:

League(s): UGC
Scrim? Yes

Leaders: KubeDawg & Zatoichi

Active UGC Members: 6

  • Darkstar
  • DoomPiggy
  • KubeDawg
  • Melfina
  • Mr_Headshot
  • Zatoichi

Other Clan Members

  • Ducky
  • WingNut


You may contact us at our forums at, you may also reach us in our irc channel #thedarkorder in the Gamesurge network. We can also be found on the Fortress Forever forums or on our Steam Page.