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Grenade Launcher
Rate of Fire .6 Magazine Size 6
Damage 108 Recoil 1
Projectile Info
Projectile Speed 625    
Hitscan Info
Bullets To Shoot 1 Bullet Spread N/A
Pre Reload Time .6 Reload Time .5
Post Reload Time 1 Spintime (AC) N/A
Default Ammo Variable Max Ammo 50
Ammo Type Rockets    

A select fire grenade launcher set to make grenades explode when one chooses to. Used by the Demoman.


This weapon shares a magazine with the Grenade Launcher.

Special Abilities

  • Can be used to perform a Pipe Jump.

Strategy And Tips

The Pipe Launcher is a very versatile weapon, though it may not look like it at first. It's primarily used to set traps throughout a map. To set a pipe trap, put eight or so pipes in a critical location, such as an entrance to the map room, a tight corridor that leads to the flag room. You can also put them in areas the enemy's might not except, such as behind a pillar. When you've placed the the pipes, find a location that allows you to view your pipe trap, but makes it difficult for the enemy to see you. When the enemy comes around, press the Fire2 (default:Right Mouse) key. This will make the pipes explode, thus killing your target(s). However, freshly-fired pipes will not explode. A red tint will appear on them during that time, indicating that you can't blow it up. This prevents you from spamming pipes. Once the red tint is gone, you can blow it up.

The Pipe Launcher can also be used to Pipe Jump. Fire a pipe, then run past it. As soon as you're past it, jump and press the Right Mouse key. This will usually cause you to fly a good distance; helpful for keeping up with the enemy offense.

In an emergency, it can be used as a mini-RPG. Simply fire a pipe at an enemy, and once it stops turning red, hit the Right Mouse key.

Be careful; the Pipe Launcher's magazine only holds six rounds, and it shares a magazine with the Grenade Launcher. Since the game automatically reloads if you're not firing a weapon, you should find a quiet spot and let the game reload for you if the magazine is low or out of ammo.

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Image Gallery

A yellow pipe grenade.
The red tint indicates that this pipe cannot be blown up yet.
The magazine of the Grenade Launcher...
...and the magazine of the Pipe Launcher are the same.