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Tommy Gun
Rate of Fire .1 s Magazine Size 50
Damage 8 Recoil 1
Projectile Info
Projectile Speed Instantaneous    
Hitscan Info
Bullets To Shoot 1 Bullet Spread .01
Pre Reload Time .6 sec Reload Time 3 sec
Post Reload Time 1 sec Spintime (AC) N/A
Default Ammo Variable Max Ammo Variable
Ammo Type Shells    

A M1A1 Thompson Submachinegun modified to accept a 50-round drum magazine. Used by the Civilian. Currently not in the game.


This weapon has fires one bullet per shot, and it's recoil makes sure that you won't be using it past medium range.

Special Abilities

This weapon has no special abilities.

Strategy And Tips

As a Civilian, this'll be your primary weapon once you find it.

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Image Gallery

When reloading, the player takes out the magazine, puts a new one in...
...and then cocks the charging handle to put a fresh round into the chamber.
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Image gallery filler.jpg