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Suggestions 4 Spy Issue Tools
issueid=218 09-27-2009 03:05 PM
Suggestions 4 Spy

  • Cloaked spies are not drawn from a distance, even if they move. They must be within a certain distance in order to be drawn on your screen. The sniper could have 2x this distance, I guess. But, he wouldn't be able to easily spot spies on.. say.. Aardvark from across the map.
  • Disguised spies should not bleed. Instead, when hit, their disguise should do some electrical 'shimmer' effect and reveal their team-colored spy skin for a few seconds depending on the damage. One nail? Brief flash. Rocket to the face? Obvious shimmer is obvious.
  • Cloak visibility should depend on movement, but only self movement. If you crouch walk, you should be less visible then when you walk. The movement decrease plus limit on ability to react to enemies coming close to you should have a beneficial side to it.
  • Being tranq'd during the tranquillised status effect should not stack nor increase the duration. It's easy as fuck to tranq an already-tranq'd individual. You can just run around them in a circle sustaining the tranq effect. Not fair, and I say this as the asshole spy who loves to do it.
  • Loud cloak is useless. The enemy always knows where you are and you can never use it as a get away. Allow the spy normal run speed + full invisibility for like two or three seconds when a loud cloak is issued, before settling into reduced movement speed/half visible cloak. Blood still shows.
  • Spy should be able to aim Engineer's sabotaged gun. If multiple sabotages are available, they should all try and aim were he points. Maybe, if you aim the gun at a specific individual, the gun will prioritise them when it is sabotaged?
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09-27-2009 06:30 PM
Kawaii! ルーキー
1. I'm not sure if this is true or not, I'm pretty sure I've shot at little blurs across aardvark before.

2. This is pretty cool, I'd like to see this. But a rocket to the face will already uncloak you anyway.

3. Agreed.

4. You can't kill the spy running around tranquilizing you? LOLOLOL

5. Loud cloak is the MOST useful, i use it to get away constantly. It works well with the tranq, because they think the shot they just took at you killed you. Its harder to see the cloak and you cant see death messages.

6. Ya sure why not
09-27-2009 06:51 PM
Slayer of humans
1- How it is now is just fine.

2- How it is now is just fine, I'm guessing this is more of a technical issue then anything else as it would require more resources for the game.

3- How it is now is just fine.

4- Why not? If I tranq you with something that lasts 5 minutes, and then at the 4 minute 30 second mark I tranq you again with something that lasts 5 minutes then why should it only last 30 seconds instead of 5 minutes?

5- Loud cloak is not useless. Many times I have used it and many times it has saved my butt even against long term players in the game.

6- No this would just suck because many times the guns are not in the same area. There have been many times I have sabbed 3 or 4 guns all over the base at once and when I set them off I couldn't see any of them. Sometimes when I set them off I'm running out of the room for my life some times with the flag.
09-27-2009 08:46 PM
Originally Posted by R00Ki3
1. I'm not sure if this is true or not, I'm pretty sure I've shot at little blurs across aardvark before.
I was suggesting #1.
09-28-2009 06:42 PM
el duke.
Yeah i must agree with the field on the loud cloak.

My typical attack involves me going for the tranq then shotty+nadding the enemy. If my tranq is successful during the firefight, and i'm hit with with something explosive such as rocket/pipe/nade or maybe with multiple shotties in close mid-close range i will time up my loud cloak which gives me enough time for a clean knife.

The loud cloak is all about timing. All you have ot do is be patient and try to sell the cloak as best as you can. It's like running a fade route in football. Fake the inside slant then bust out wide in two steps flying past your opponent for the kill/touchdown ;)
01-08-2010 10:26 AM
#1 is actually a very good idea, but not for reasons everyone probably thinks it is. As someone who mains Spy and has outplayed a few top players as Spy one small problem with the cloak is that different graphical setting can immensely effect whether or not it is possible to see spies as they are moving. The biggest factor is screen resolution, low screen res makes it near impossible to see spies beyond a certain distance while high res makes it much more obvious. I have tried FF using two different graphic cards and both displayed the moving spy graphic differently. I have also heard from a few players that dicking around with your Direct X version settings can even cause moving spies to display as a silver overlay.

Playing as spy I notice this all too often. It is not always the best players that seem the most capable of being able to notice spy movement, but rather certain specific players ranging from mediocre to good that almost ALWAYS notice without fail. I've seen a few players pull off some things that I know would be impossible to see using my own graphics card ( 9600gt ) such as noticing a split second movement from accross the map. Part of my spy strategy is to actually memorize who these players are and avoid them. There are also many fairly good players I know that have horrible settings for seeing spies and almost never catch me unless I move right in front of their face.

IMO what should be done is make the spy movement graphic more obvious ( like a 5% colored Alpha overlay map on top of the refraction ) so that everyone would notice, but make it completely invisible from a certain distance. This would make things a lot more fair so that those with superior settings aren't given an advantage.

Something like:
1 Meter distance: 30% Opaque white overlay
2 Meters distance: 20%
3 Meters: 10%
Beyond 4: not visible

Scout: Quadruple percentage
Sniper: Double percentage. Always 10% when zoomed in.
Pyro: Double percentage

TL;DR spy cloak needs a few tweaks because currently certain hardware settings cause unfair ad/disadvantages.

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