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Didn't know the topic, tips for newcomers

I apologize for being off topic (intoxicated). If it's tips for the newcomers or players that want to excel, here's some basic things that I personally like:
I always used the old school CRT monitors and played at 640x480 resolution or 800x600. The lower the resolution, the higher u can tweak ur framerate. I had 620x480 at 240refresh rate hertz., now with the high refresh rates and a high FPS (frames per second) u can do some serious damage in game. Try to get your FPS at the same as ur refresh rate or higher. Took alot of tweaking back then...I used open glad and usually replaced the opengl32.dll in the tfc folder with the Nvidia opengl32.dll driver ..think it said nvopengl32.dll.......that helped with performance on my nvididia card......I always drew a tiny cross hair on my monitor for no scopes or whatever.....good for counterstrike too!. Besides all of that, make sure u have all ur rates fixed like cl_cmdrate ,cl_updaterate, rate r_mmx 1, gamma, bind a key to "stops ound" to stop unwanted backround noise. Also, best server side settings for bhop was sv_airaccelerate 9999 and sv_accelerate 9999 , etc......theres so much more. I always used 16bit color, even if my computer was a beast. ....I think u can still force it with steam...maybe not.
Just having the correct settings for each class will make u better automatically. I suggest you tweak each configuration like soldier.cfg ,scout.cfg, etc. All to ur liking in that class....some classes require higher sensitivity and different button setups. Well I hope this helps.........BTW, I believe the sv_airaccelerate 9999 may be illegal in matches....not's a server side tweak.
U can make the sharpest bhop turns with no slowdown at all. Anyway, if u need more help let me know.
Or if I just posted all this in the wrong area, just push me off the bridge lol. GG TO ALL
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