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Suzy's World

As most of you have probably noticed, i started an experimental ctf server about a month ago with a focus on structured pub games.

From what i gather from the server logs and much to my surprise, My server has become quite popular.
I know some people don't like the friendly fire or class restrictions but that's what the other fun pub servers are for right?

Anyway i have started adding sound clips to the server, mainly canned laughter on lol / rofl / lmao triggers and player join sounds.

If you want your own custom join sound on my server, and you are a regular / enforcer / admin there; please either pm me on steam or post on here a link to a short wav / mp3 that will introduce you on the server.

Please keep join sounds under 10s, you dont need your own song and dance.

Also if anyone has any suggestions for the server or what sounds i should add, let me know =)

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