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Mostly been playing TFC lately. I've been made admin on Drippy-'s 2fort recently. But, I've been having computer issues for the last week or two, and now I can't even get Steam to load up.

I also play(ed) Command and Conquer(original and Tiberian Sun).... And a few casual style games. Again, computer issues.

Pretty sure I need a new "data" drive. We're broke as shit right now, so it'll probably be another month or two before I can get back up and running. Unless something weird happens. Before the HD issue, I would join a FF server once in a while, if I saw one active. I would check a couple times a week. Never got into the Pick Up scene.

On the upside, I have 3 of my 4 arcade games in my dining room working.

Edit: I'm just outside of Baltimore City, in MD.
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