Modest Christmas Present

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress Forever Team
In the spirit of the holidays, here's some hot media action from your favorite Uncles. Though we developers are entirely too stingy to spring for expensive in-game action (hey, who likes that crap anyway?), we thought you Tiny Tims out there might enjoy these morsels.

Aunt Decs (flowing locks of brown hair) and Uncle Fooley_Cooley, always the cheek-pinching types, sent these via USPS Global Express Guaranteed for some ungodly pile of dough and a kidney or two -- thankfully they arrived in time for your grubby paws to rip them open in the morning.

... so y'all have a happy non-denominational politically correct commercialized holiday! Save some 'nog for us while you check out the rest of our good cheer in the yuletide media section.
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