A Huge Interview: Planet Half-Life

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress Forever Team
Head on over to Planet Half-Life to see a "HUGE" Fortress Forever interview. Thanks goes out to D3pth Charge, who sent us the list of thoughtful questions and who waited patiently for our responses (that were answered collectively by the FF dev team).

Click here for the full interview text, where you can find Q&As like:

PHL: Is your team for the most part on the same page when it comes to the mod's vision, or do you find yourselves in many heated debates over the path that you want to take? Do you reach a compromise or does Schtoofa have last say? Or is that Dospac's jurisdiction?

Fortress Forever: Generally speaking, we have the same vision of the mod. People will always have different opinions on the micro scale so we generally work as a democracy. Who concludes the debate really depends on what area is being discussed. In same cases the leads pull rank, and in some rare cases I (Schtoofa) have also. That seldom happens, though. It's surprising how a common vision just sort of evolved and has spread throughout the dev team members.

Additionally, ZombiekE has translated the PHL interview and posted a Spanish version which may be of interest to some. Check it out.
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