Ahhh, look over there -- a monkey!

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress Forever Team
On Shutdown2, the engineer's sentry gun seems to protect the ramp fairly well... and who knows if the sneaky spy will trigger the switch? Watch as the mystery unfolds!

The blue team's flagroom on Monkey is also shaping up nicely, if I don't say so myself.

dr_nick's creative efforts have been the inspiration behind the bulk of the Fortress Forever class models' appearances. He's been kind enough to upload many more of his concept sketches, and here are some examples:

More new media (WIP models, sketches, screenshots, etc.) can be found on our media page. Be sure to give it a look!

Since the last update, we've added some new folks to the FF dev team. Olah and voogru have so far proven to be great additions to the FF coder group. 2d-chris has joined the mapping squad and is pushing full steam ahead. geekfeststarter and GoaT_RopeR have started helping Dr. Evil with bot scripting.

Lastly, today we finished our third coordinated playtest in three weeks. What does this all mean, you might ask? It means we're on track to have a working Fortress Forever beta version ready during the first week of August (yes, August 2006). From that point on, all FF changes will be tweaks based on playtesting, bug fixes, minor model-related updates, additional maps, etc. More news to come on that later!
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