2.4 Server Files Available

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress Forever Team
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2.4 Delay, Surprise

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress Forever Team
The Linux server build is giving us trouble (as usual), and therefore 2.4 will be delayed until we can get it fixed. But, as a result, we are "leaking" the official Ksour for you guys to play while you wait.

FF_Ksour_Leak (.ZIP)
FF_Ksour_Leak (.RAR)

Ksour (Type: Invade/Defend)
Remake of a TFC map by Zouave of the same name.
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2.4 Status Update

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress Forever Team
It's definitely about time we tell you what has been going on.

The 2.4 patch has been coming along nicely. All that is left to do is a few small tweaks and some more testing. However, no release date has been set just yet.

Here are some screenshots of four (that's right, four) new maps that will be included in this upcoming patch.

Genesis (Type: Attack and Defend the Zone)
Brand new map and gametype. One team tries to get to and stay in the zone while the other tries to keep them out. Teams switch roles 3 times (4 quarters)

Ksour (Type: Invade/Defend)
Remake of a TFC map by Zouave of the same name.

Fusion (Type: Invade/Defend the Zone)
Brand new map and gametype. Similar to Attack and Defend the Zone, but with multiple zones. Teams switch roles after one team captures all 3 zones.

Napoli (Type: Invade/Defend)
Complete re-imagining of a CS:S map of the same name.
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Now Accepting Beta Applications!

Posted 1 decade ago by Ihmhi
Fortress Forever is now accepting beta applications!

Simply go to this link and follow the instructions there.

The question I've heard most lately is "Why now?", with just plain "Why?" in a close second. There's a few good reasons.

Previously, we had something on the order of 200 beta testers. Only a handful of them were still active after 2.3 was released. This first and foremost was a security risk - that's more accounts that aren't being used that could be easily compromised. Moreover, it made things an organizational mess.

We had been talking about what to do about the situation in the dev forums and decided the fairest and best thing to do was to simply clean out the beta and start fresh. We archived the old forums and cooked up some new ones. We set standards that we are going to hold our testers to. We've upgraded our organization and security in countless ways.

All of our old beta testers are on a list available to us, and those that wish to reapply may be welcomed back depending on numerous factors that I am not going to get into. A few of our best took the beta reorganization as the chance to relieve themselves of a responsibility that they no longer had time for - to you guys (and all of our past testers), we wish you the best in your new endeavors.

That's the why. As for the "Why now?"...

2.4 is shaping up and we have, as usual, a lot of fun things in store. The Orange Box port is coming along gradually and that is going to, frankly, introduce a whole world of new problems. The more eyes on the problem, the better. The FF Team is getting their act together and we're trying to hold ourselves to a standard representative of the excellent legacy that we are trying to keep alive - the very spirit of Fortress.

So what are we looking for in a tester? If you're a talented FF player who can conc circles around the enemy defense, well... we have a lot of those guys already. You're very much welcome to apply. If you have no experience with Fortress games at all, that is equally - if not more - important to us. We want to get a wide variety of perspectives on our beta team.

In other news, I'm busting my butt as usual trying to get the good word out about Fortress Forever. Any good P.R. guy will tell you that you never go into specifics until the deal is sealed, so I won't. Keep your eyes on the front page and our forums. Things are only going to get better from here.

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Forums Back Up!

Posted 1 decade ago by Ihmhi
Our forums are back online thanks to the hard work of Scuzzy and the rest of our team!We're glad to be back.

We still have a few remaining issues.

First and foremost, we regret to say that our password database is effectively broke beyond repair. As such, everyone - regular users, betas, and devs - have to reset their passwords. If you go to our forum you will see further instructions at the top of the page related to this issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Secondly, you may notice that practically all of our staff is listed as "Retired FF Staff". Please be assured that everyone on the team has not just gotten up and left. This is a temporary solution as the fine people in charge confirm the identity of each of our devs one by one and reauthorize them for developer status.

A general message to the community: we are accepting beta applications. Keep an eye on the forums and see if anything pops up related to that. Past testers are welcome to reapply as well.

Well that's it guys! Thanks for sticking around during this tough time. We appreciate the support of the community and we're getting our butts back to work on all things Fortress!
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