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  • 1270 Damage to anyone in the vicinity of the blast

Deployment Time

  • Three seconds

Fuse Length

  • Customisable by the player.
  • Three common values are bindable from the menu: +det5, +det20 and +det50.
  • The player can also choose the detpack fuse length with the detpack x command, where x is the fuse length (60 seconds maximum).



  • 700 units (players and structures).
  • 1500 units (triggering goals).


  • Can trigger unique goals in maps
  • Can be defused if an enemy Scout touches the detpack.
  • If hit by an EMP, the fuse length is set to 5 seconds. I.e. the detpack timer is shortened by the EMP. If the detpack is already going to explode inside five seconds, the timer doesn't change.
  • Causes the ground to shake
  • Has an enormous blast magnitude, and the dead players (or what's left of them) should reflect that!
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