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Entity Functions

These Lua functions are common to all entities in FF Generally, any entity placed in the map should work with these.

  • object = baseentity:new({collection}) creates a Lua object that corresponds to a map entity. You must call new() before you can access any entity through Lua. Collection is a table you can use to define any custom Lua variables you want. See Lua:info_ff_script#Example for example code.
Command Description
entity Teleport ( Vector neworigin, QAngle newangles, Vector newvelocity ) Teleports an entity.
entity GetOwner () Returns the entity that "owns" the first entity.
entity StartTrail (int teamid, float start_width, float end_width, float lifetime) Starts a trail with the Team ID as the color.
entity StopTrail () Stops a trail on an entity.


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