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This group of Lua Commands deals with notifying players about events in the game.

NOTE: Since FF v2.3, the 'BroadCast' functions can also be used with 'Broadcast'.

LUA Command Description
BroadCastMessage( message ) broadcasts a given message to all players.
BroadCastMessageToPlayer( player, message ) broadcasts message to one player.
BroadCastSound( sound ) Plays a selected sound for players on the server
BroadCastSoundToPlayer( player, sound )
SpeakAll Plays a vox sentence for everyone on the server
RandomFlagTouchSpeak() Plays a predetermined set of flag touch announcements for the server.
ObjectiveNotice( player, string ) Puts a notice in the kill notifications with the player's name, followed by the string. Use it when a player does something special.
ChatToAll(string) Displays a message in chat
ChatToPlayer(player,string) Displays a message in chat to just one player
SendHintToPlayer( player, string ) Displays a message in the players hint box.
SendHintToTeam( teamid, string ) Displays a message in the teams hint box.
SendHintToAll( string ) Displays a message in everyones hint box.