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Any player that's connected to the server can be accessed by the lua system. Once you have identified a specific player object you can use these functions to affect the player or get information about it.




function location_info:ontouch( touch_entity )

	-- set the location of the player
	if IsPlayer( touch_entity ) then
		local player = CastToPlayer( touch_entity )
		--this new variable is of type CFFPlayer; we can use any player function on it
		player:SetLocation(entity:GetId(), self.text,
Command Description
AddAmmo(Lua:Flags#Ammo, integer) Gives ammunition to the player
AddArmor(integer) Gives armor to the player
AddFrags(integer) Adds to the player's kill count
AddFortPoints(integer, string) Gives the player Fortress Points. String is an explanation for the points, eg. "Hunted Escape"
AddHealth(integer, bool) Gives the player health points. Negative numbers will hurt the player. If set to true the player will over-heal their maximum health.
integer GetFortPoints() Returns the player's Fortress Points.
integer GetFrags() Returns the player's Frag count.
integer GetDeaths() Returns the player's death count.
integer GetClass() Returns the class of the player as a number (0-9)
string GetName() Returns the name of the player
integer GetArmor() Returns the player's armor level
integer GetMaxArmor() Returns the player's max armor
integer GetHealth() Returns the player's health points
integer GetMaxHealth() Returns the player's max health
float GetSpeed() Returns the speed of the player
boolean HasItem(string) returns true or false is the player is holding the named Lua:info_ff_script
boolean IsFeetDeepInWater()
boolean IsInNoBuild()
boolean IsUnderWater()
boolean IsWaistDeepInWater()
boolean IsInAttack1() Is the player pressing his *primary attack* key?
boolean IsInAttack2()
boolean IsInUse()
boolean IsInJump()
boolean IsInForward()
boolean IsInBack()
boolean IsInMoveLeft()
boolean IsInMoveRight()
boolean IsInLeft()
boolean IsInRight()
boolean IsInRun()
boolean IsInReload()
boolean IsInSpeed() same as walk?
boolean IsInWalk()
boolean IsInZoom()
boolean IsOnGround()
boolean IsInAir( int ) Checks if the player is the specified number of units above the ground.
boolean IsDucking()
boolean IsGrenade1Primed() Player has a live frag grenade
boolean IsGrenade2Primed()
boolean IsGrenadePrimed()
boolean IsFlashlightOn()
integer GetAmmoInClip()
integer GetAmmoInClip( weaponname )
SetAmmoInClip( num )
SetAmmoInClip( weaponname, num )
integer GetAmmoCount( ammotype )
ReloadClips() magic reload!
boolean IsBot()
MarkRadioTag() No uses found
RemoveArmor(integer) Removes armor from the player
RemoveLocation(entityId) Clears the player's location info? Never used.
string GetLocation() Returns the current map location of the player
Respawn() Respawn the player.
SetDisguisable(boolean) Allow/disallow a spy to use disguise
SetDisguise(int teamId, int classId, bool isInstant) Changes the player's disguise.
ResetDisguise() Resets the player's disguise.
boolean IsDisguisable() returns whether the player is allowed to disguise
SetCloakable(boolean) Allow/disallow a spy to use cloak
boolean IsCloakable() returns whether the player is allowed to cloak
SetRespawnable(boolean) Send false to make players stay dead (unable to respawn).
boolean IsRespawnable() See above.
SetLocation(entityId, string, Lua:Flags#Team) Sends text to the player's location HUD. Team determines the color of the text.
SetRespawnDelay Probably should send this an integer or float.
string GetActiveWeaponName() returns the Lua:weapon_classes of the weapon equipped by the player, eg. "ff_weapon_spanner"
GiveWeapon(string, boolean) Give the player a weapon, specified by Lua:weapon_classes. If boolean is set to true, the player will autoswitch to this weapon.
RemoveWeapon(string) Take from the player a weapon, specified by Lua:weapon_classes
RemoveAllWeapons() Strip all the player's weapons.
boolean IsCloaked()
boolean IsDisguised()
integer GetDisguisedClass()
integer GetDisguisedTeam()
AddEffect( Lua:Flags#EF, EFFECT_DURATION, ICON_DURATION, SPEED_MULTIPLIER ) Adds a status affect to the player. SPEED_MULTIPLIER is used for altering the player's speed.
boolean IsEffectActive(Lua:Flags#EF)
RemoveEffect(Lua:Flags#EF) Cancels a status effect on the player
integer GetId() Gets the ID number of the player
integer GetSteamID()
integer GetPing()
boolean IsAlive()
Freeze(boolean) Stop the player from moving or shooting. Send false to unfreeze a player.
boolean IsFrozen() Returns true or false depending on whether the player is in a frozen state.
RemoveBuildables() Removes all the player's owned buildables ( List of buildables )
RemoveProjectiles() Removes all the player's owned projectiles ( rockets, nails, etc. )
RemoveItems() Removes all the player's owned buildables AND projectiles.
LockInPlace(boolean) Stop the player from moving, and disable their gravity. Player can still rotate and shoot. Send false to unlock player.
SetGravity(float) Sets the player's gravity.
float GetGravity() Gets the player's gravity.
SetVelocity( Vector(0,0,0) ) Sets the player's velocity.
GetVelocity() Gets the player's velocity.
SpeedMod(float) Sets a host_timescale type movement to the player's speed.
float GetSpeedMod() Gets the player's speed mod.
EmitSound(String) Causes the player or assigned entity to emit a sound. Make sure to precache sounds.
GetSentryGun() Gets the player's Sentry gun or nil if it's unbuilt.
GetDispenser() Gets the player's Dispenser or nil if it's unbuilt.
GetDetpack() Gets the player's Detpack or nil if it's unbuilt.
GetJumpPad() Gets the player's Jump Pad or nil if it's unbuilt.
SetFriction() Sets the player's friction similar to sv_friction

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