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Schedules are a way to delay the effects of a script for a specific length of time. For example, time-delayed events such as returning dropped flags, or giving players a break between rounds. They can repeat, such as if you wanted to give a player ammo every 10 seconds.

LUA Command Description
AddSchedule("name", time, function[, param1 ... param4]) Schedules function to go off with (time) second delay. Optional parameters are applied to the function.
AddScheduleRepeating("name", time, function[, param1 ... param4]) Adds a schedule that repeats (function) constantly every (time) seconds.
AddScheduleRepeatingNotInfinitely("name", time, function, counts[, param1 ... param4]) Adds a schedule that repeats (function) (counts) times every (time) seconds.
DeleteSchedule( schedulename ) deletes an existing schedule.
RemoveSchedule( schedulename ) same as delete.

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