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This page describes the different fates that might befall you in a typical game of Fortress Forever.


A dead sniper.

You have been hurt in some awful way. This includes being shot, blown up, squashed, drowned, run over, poisoned, burnt, electrocuted, zapped by lasers, frozen, stabbed, beaten to death, or somehow killed by a tranquilizer needle.


Concussed tracers or something

Concussion is inflicted by concussion grenades going off nearby. The effect is made up of two parts:

  • Your head is jerked away from the source of the blast. This only happens if it is not your concussion grenade exploding, since your in-game persona is able to anticipate the explosion and has braced themselves for the blast.
  • Your view starts swaying around in a disorienting manner. This lasts approximately a quarter of a minute for most classes except the medic and scout, for whom it lasts about half that time. The swaying effect gradually fades away and is only a hindrance for a fraction of that time.

The conc effect is not an illusion - you will not be shooting at the crosshairs at the center of the screen. You will fire where your concussed self is pointing your weapon.

Expires naturally: Yes (10 seconds)

Healed by: None


Crippled HUD icon

Leg damage is cumulative and can be dealt by the Sniper Rifle.

When crippled, a player can be slowed to the figure of 40% of the class speed. Each class is slowed relative to its regular speed. Cripping can be anywhere in the range of 0-60%; 0% when unhindered, 60% when fully injured.

For example: If a Soldier receives several legshots, he will receive a 60% movement penalty, and consequently move at 240 units * 0.4 = 96 units per second.

Crippling is temporary and will last for a total of 5 sec. if left untreated. If the affected player picks up health or is healed by a medic, the injury is cured.

Expires naturally: Yes, after 5 seconds

Healed by: Receiving health by any means (medic, health pack, goal, etc.)


An immune player. Notice the white dots.

Players that have been infected by an enemy Medic, when healed by a friendly Medic, have a very brief immunity from infection.

A player also becomes immune for a short period when an infection wears off.

  • Immune players are surrounded by a cloud of glowing white dots.

Expires naturally: Yes, 10 seconds.


An infected player. Notice the green spots behind him.

Players receiving damage from an enemy medic's medikit become infected, providing they do not possess temporal Immunity.

  • Infections drain health by up to 75 points over 20 seconds--10 ticks doing 30, 15, 9, 6, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 every 2 seconds.
  • Infected players cough, splutter and groan intermittently; this is audible to anyone close enough to hear it.
  • Infected players are surrounded by a cloud of glowing green dots.
  • Infected players will not die from the infection; they won't take damage to less than 1 hp.
  • When the infection wears off, the infected player gets back all the health that was taken by the infection, and becomes immune.

Expires naturally: Yes (20 seconds) Healed by: Medics, and medpacks that are tossed by Medics

On Fire

Through the eyes of a burning player. Notice the red tint of the screen.

Skin and clothes are unfortunately flammable and most of the Pyro's weapons can set them alight in one form or another. You will notice yourself being on fire by the gradual red misting of your vision and the yelping of agonising pain.

The flamethrower, incendiary cannon and napalm grenades all hurt in different ways, therefore the more of these that have affected you the more you will be on fire and the more damage will be done to your health (and the louder you will be screaming).

Expires naturally: Yes

Healed by: Medics, water


The drooping eyelids and blurry vision marks a tranquilized person

If you should find yourself with one of the spy's tranquilizer darts sticking into your backside then you will soon be feeling quite sleepy. The effects of the tranquiliser include reduced vision and slower movement.

Expires naturally: Yes

Healed by: Medics


Your position is being transmitted for all to see

When struck by an enemy Sniper's Sniper Rifle shot, a radio transmitter is lodged into whichever bone or organ the bullet penetrated.

Transmitting players emit radio waves that can be picked up by the sniper who fired the shot. Allies of the sniper can also pick up the radio signals. Players receiving the location of a tagged player display the tagged player in a manner that is similar to the Scout's Radar.

  • Transmitting players send out signals for 15 seconds before the tag runs out of battery.
  • Transmitting players send out their position every 0.25 seconds.
  • Transmitting players send out their position to all enemies inside a range of 1024 units (26 meters).

Expires naturally: Yes (10 seconds)

Healed by: None

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