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These global functions are useful for getting your scripts working.

General Technical Functions Description
IncludeScript(string) This function loads the contents of another lua file, located in FortresForever\maps\includes.
ConsoleToAll( message ) sends a message to server console. Inaccurately named--players will not see this.
PrecacheModel( modelfile ) loads a given model into memory for use later.
PrecacheSound( soundfile ) as above.
PrintBool , &FFLib::PrintBool
RandomFloat( min, max ) generates a random float.
RandomInt( min, max ) generates a random integer
RemoveEntity( ent_id ) removes entity.
OutputEvent( entity, input, parameter, delay, x ) Triggers any named entity in the map using Source's I/O system.
SetConvar( player, var, value ) sets a player's console variable to a specified value.
Player information
GetPacketloss( playerentity ) gets a player's packet loss. Woo?
GetPing( playerentity )
GetSteamID( playerentity )
Server Info
float GetServerTime() Returns the number of seconds the map has been running.
AreTeamsAllied( team1, team2 ) Returns true if they are.
GetEntitiesByName(entname) returns a Lua table containing the matching entities.
NumPlayers() gets the number of players.
GetPlayers() returns a table (array) of all players on the server.
GetConvar( cvar ) returns the value of a console variable on the server(cvar).
string GetGameDescription
Server Effects
SetGameDescription( name ) Changes what appears in the game column of the server browser (it is appended to "FF ")

For use in Lua:startup().

RespawnAllPlayers( ) Respawns everyone immediately.
KillAndRespawnAllPlayers() obvious!
GoToIntermission( ) Sends all players to the info_intermission entity and shows them the scoreboard. Then, the map ends.
ResetMap() resets map.
set_cvar(cvar, value) Sets a console variable on the server
ApplyToAll( effect ) pass this a list of AT flags to apply global effects to the server.
ApplyToTeam( effect, team ) pass this a team id and a list of AT flags to apply effects to players on a team.
ApplyToPlayer( effect, player ) pass this a player id and a list of AT flags to apply effects to a player.
HasGameStarted( ) Returns false if the map is in prematch mode.
LogLuaEvent(int, int, string) Sends a message to the servers logs.
Game Rules
SetGlobalRespawnDelay( time ) enforces a respawn delay.
SetPlayerLimit( team , # ) used to set player limit per team.
SetPlayerLimits( #, # )
SmartClassLimits( team, #scout, #sniper, #soldier, #demoman, #medic, #hwguy, #pyro, #spy, #engineer, #civilian ) sets class limits for the entire team.
SetTeamAllies( team , bits ) used to ally one team to another.
SetTeamClassLimit( team, class, limit )
SetTeamName( team, name ) Set a custom name for a team: appears on the scoreboard and team selection screen.
SetTeamPlayerLimit( team, limit )

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