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Engineer pic.jpg
Health Low 80
Armour Low 50 (50%)
Speed Medium 300u/s
Power Medium
Role Defense

If you fancy yourself a tinkerer and builder, the engineer may be for you. The personality of a disgruntled construction worker combined with a genius intellect does wonders in the world of Fortress. The engineer fortifies his base with sentry guns and supplies other defenders with ammunition via dispensers. Sentry guns are automatic turrets that can be upgraded to three different levels, each progressively more powerful than the last. It takes a bit to lock on to an enemy, but once it happens the enemy is certainly in for a world of pain.

Besides his buildable structures, the engineer has a modest repertoire of weapons including the railgun, super shotgun, and EMP grenades. The railgun is the engineer's own unique invention: a heavily modified pistol that shoots magnetically charged slugs. The result is a powerful ricocheting weapon that ignores enemy armor. The super shotgun is your standard shoot 'n kill weapon. It packs a reliable punch and is useful in a variety of situations. The engineer's EMP grenade releases a pulse that detonates ammunition on enemies and on the ground, creating powerful explosions that can bring down many classes extremely fast.

The precise nature of an engineer's work requires him to not be protected by much more than a hardhat. Too much armor gets in the way and makes building things more difficult than they should be. Thus, the engineer dies much easier than all classes but the Scout. But who needs armor when you have a giant automatic gun cutting down your enemies for you?

Basic Strategy

  • Build a Sentry Gun in the flag room. Upgrade and repair it by hitting it with your wrench, as long as you have enough cells.
  • Build a Dispenser in order to provide ammunition and armour to you and your teammates.

Special Abilities

  • Sentry Gun
    A Sentry Gun is an automatic turret, best suited to defense. It costs 130 cells to build a Sentry Gun and another 130 for each upgrade. Hitting the gun with your wrench will repair or upgrade it if you have enough cells. Each successive level increases the gun's killing power, maximum health, and ammo capacity, but an untended Sentry Gun, even at level 3, is easily destroyed by the enemy. Right clicking will point your gun in the direction you are currently aiming.

  • Dispenser
    The Engineer can also build dispensers. A dispenser serves as a field ammunition/armor repository for the Engineer and his teammates. Standing next to a dispenser will replenish your ammo and armor, assuming it has enough resources. Although a dispenser automatically fills itself slowly, it will also eat any bags that are tossed or dropped near it. The Engineer can also fill it up with his own ammo by hitting it with his wrench. Enemy players can use your dispenser, though you will receive a warning when this happens. Detonating a dispenser unleashes a powerful explosion, the damage depending on the amount of ammo inside it.

  • Repair
    The Engineer can repair his sentry guns, dispensers, and teammates' armor, by hitting them with his wrench, provided he has enough cells.

  • Armor Regeneration
    Much like the Medic's health regenerates, the Engineer's armor slowly regenerates.

  • Special Ammo Discard
    When discarding ammo (default "X"), the Engineer discards a little of all ammunition types (cells, shells, and rockets), regardless of whether the ammunition is needed for his weapons.




This baby makes everything possible. Use it to upgrade and repair your structures.



Pew pew, laser gun. You can charge it up by holding down the fire button. If you charge it up for 3.333 seconds, it will produce 40 cells, but won't fire. The projectile bounces off surfaces (getting more powerful with each bounce) and ignores armor. You can use a charged up blast to jump higher; just point down, then fire and jump at the same time.

Super Shotgun

Super Shotgun

Great against a Spy trying to mess up your sentry or if you feel the need to go Rambo into the enemy's base. This is generally your main weapon at close ranges.


Frag Grenade

Frag Grenade

The basic grenade: A lot of damage, large blast radius. The frag grenade is useful for taking out sentry guns, insta-killing scouts or other weak opponents, and general destruction.

EMP Grenade

EMP Grenade

When it blows up, it will blow up the shotgun shells, rockets, and cells of everyone in its range. Does huge damage to classes that carry a lot of high-energy ammunition, such as Pyros.

Additional Strategy and Tips

Defensive Engineer

  • You are a defense master! Always have a sentry up in your base, even if you're away, just having the sentry up can help your team drastically.
  • Remember to place your gun well; Scouts and Medics love to stay out of your sentry's range and nailgun it. Try blasting them with your railgun or shotgun, and perhaps toss an EMP.
  • On levels where ammo bags are scarce, a dispenser will help your teammates maintain their armour, and enable you to upgrade your gun much faster. If you have time before the enemy arrives, build a dispenser, then build your gun with the cells it generates.
  • Ammo bags dropped by dead enemies will always contain 30 cells, so be sure to pick them up if cells are scarce.
  • Watch for Demomen with their MIRVs trying to get your SG. If they drop one next to your sentry, it is as good as dead, don't try to repair it because then you'll be dead too! Soldiers can also be a pain due to a well-placed nail grenade or volley of rockets easily destroying your gun.
  • A dispenser placed on the flag or security button can be used in the same way as a Demoman's pipe trap: detonate it if enemies get too close. A well-stocked dispenser will instantly kill a Scout.

Offensive Engineer

  • This role is situational, and some maps favour it more than others. If it's not working out, switch to a more suitable offense class such as Scout, Medic or Spy.
  • Build sentries in or very near the enemy base to cause annoyance, but don't expect them to last long.
  • Heavily armed defenders will crush you. Don't bother going for the flag unless the flag room is totally empty.
  • While you're no good in direct combat, a couple of grenades or railgun shots while retreating may weaken and distract enemy defenders.

Playing Against an Engineer

  • The Engineer has little armour and will die to two rockets, or a few Super Shotgun shots.
  • As any class apart from Engineer, pressing "X" after you spawn will discard unneeded ammo. This will cause you to take less damage from EMPs.
  • Watch out for the Engineer's dispenser on the flag. Its explosion packs a punch, and has a large radius.
  • The Engineer is defenseless for the time it takes him to construct his gun. Try to capitalise on this.
  • The Sentry Gun can only deal with one target at a time, and doesn't turn all that quickly. Multiple players will overwhelm it if it isn't supported by the Engineer's teammates.
  • There are many ways in which a Sentry Gun can be taken down.
    • As a Scout or Medic, fire the Nailgun at it from one of its blind spots, or try to sneak up on it and circle-strafe.
    • As a Soldier, a few rockets or a laser grenade will easily destroy a Sentry.
    • A Demoman's MIRV grenade will inevitably destroy a Sentry if it explodes anywhere near it.
    • A Spy can attempt to sabotage a Sentry if the Engineer is absent. This will cause it to fire on its own team.
    • If an Engineer's gun is out in the open, a Sniper can destroy it with a fully charged shot.
    • Sentries can't dodge, so even standard frag grenades are deadly to them.

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