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Medic pic.jpg
Health Medium 90
Armour Medium 100 (60%)
Speed High 320u/s
Power Medium
Role Offense

Arguably the Scout's bigger, stronger, brother, the Medic is often considered the main offensive class in Fortress Forever due to the balance he strikes between speed, manoeuvrability, and firepower. Like the Scout, the Medic is able to conc jump, but he also has a decent arsenal of weapons and greater health and armour. This comes at a cost to his speed, though he is still the second fastest class in the game. While he is able to heal allies, this is very much a secondary role to his versatility as a flag runner and attacker.

Basic Strategy

  • Use your speed to grab the enemy flag and take it to the capture point.
  • Use concjumping to travel across the map and evade defenders.

Special Abilities

  • Infection Immunity
    Medics are invulnerable to infections.

  • Health Regeneration
    If a Medic is hurt, he will slowly regain health.

  • Medkit Toss
    The Medic can toss Medkits using the right mouse button. Medkits cost 10 cells, which recharge over time up to a maximum of 50. Medkits heal teammates by 15 health each, and will disappear 5 seconds after being thrown.




Hitting an wounded ally with this will fully restore their health and cure most negative status effects. Hitting a full health ally with this will give him some extra temporary health. Hitting an enemy with this will give him a damaging infection which can only be cured by an enemy Medic.



Pathetic damage, but it has a tight spread, so it's better than the Super Shotgun at long range.

Super Shotgun

Super Shotgun

The Super Shotgun is the Medic's primary weapon. It does good damage against lightly armoured or weakened opponents.

Super Nailgun

Super Nailgun

Excellent against Sentries, if you can find a blind spot or get close enough to circle-strafe them. Also good against players, though it uses up ammo very quickly.


Frag Grenade

Frag Grenade

The basic grenade: A lot of damage, large blast radius. The frag grenade is useful for taking out sentry guns, instakilling scouts or other weak opponents, and general destruction. Or, if you run out of concs and have a small jump to do and still have plenty of health, these will sometimes do the trick.

Concussion Grenade

Concussion Grenade

Used for concjumping, one of the Medic's most powerful abilities. Can also be used to knock enemies away and disorientate them.

Additional Strategy and Tips

See Class:Medic/Strategy for more information.
A Medkit being tossed. Tossing Medkits to nearby teammates in the enemy's base could make or break a capture.

Offensive Medic

  • Remember your primary objective is to grab the flag, not to heal or fight.
  • Full health Soldiers, HWGuys, and Pyros can survive a lot of shots from your Super Shotgun. Use concjumping to get past them.
  • Use your Super Nailgun and Frag Grenades to take down Sentry Guns.
  • You spawn with only two conc grenades, however you can get a third if your respawn room has a grenade bag.
  • Press mouse2 to throw Medkits at wounded allies, allowing them to survive for longer.

Defensive Medic

  • The Medic is a very poor defensive class. The team will benefit a lot more from a Soldier, HWGuy, or Engineer.
  • Heal allies during moments of downtime.
  • Use your speed to harass attackers and chase enemies running away with the flag.

Playing Against a Medic

  • Medics don't have very strong armour. Two rockets will usually be enough to kill them.
  • The same strategy applies as when playing against Scouts. Practice aiming while under the effects of a concussion grenade, and learn to recognise and listen for the sounds of a conc grenade being primed and going off.
  • Don't underestimate the Medic's Super Shotgun and Frag Grenades: they'll kill you very easily if you're wounded.

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