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Soldier pic.jpg
Health High 100
Armour High 200 (80%)
Speed Low 240u/s
Power High
Role Defense

The Soldier is the second most heavily armored class in Fortress Forever. A retired army weapons specialist, the Soldier still carries his favorite weapons with him as mementos. The rocket launcher is his primary weapon; it's capable of holding four fast-firing rockets at a time. The Soldier is essential to base defense (both front-line and last-line). The rocket launcher's stopping power makes the Soldier an excellent close-quarters fighter; he does best in small hallway and areas where the enemy cannot easily dodge his attacks. Though he's weaker out in the open, the Soldier sports a pelletgun and super shotgun for ranged attacks. The Soldier's combination of weaponry, military training, and overall rough personality make him an excellent choice for the player who wants to frag lots of enemies and keep the base safe.

Basic Strategy

  • The Soldier is a very versatile class. Use your Rocket Launcher to stop attackers, or to punch a hole in the enemy defense. Aim for the feet!
  • Use your Super Shotgun to finish off enemies if you don't have time to reload your Rocket Launcher.

Special Abilities

  • Quickswitch
    Right clicking changes between super shotgun and RPG, so you can get a quick shotgun shot off while your enemy is in the air, then switch back to RPG to shoot the floor as they land. Remember to reload both weapons when you have a spare moment!

  • Rocket Jump
    By firing a rocket and the ground and jumping simultaneously, the Soldier can rocket jump to great heights. This jump takes a fairly large amount of health off, so use sparingly (about a 5th)




The standard-issue crowbar for every class. It does some damage, but not enough to make a difference in a battle against a full-health opponent. It's a good humiliation tool for someone who is about to die, however.



Pathetic damage, but it has a tight spread, so it's better than the Super Shotgun at long range.

Super Shotgun

Super Shotgun

The Soldier's secondary weapon. It packs a powerful punch against lighter classes.

Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher

This is the Soldier's signature weapon. It holds up to four rockets at a time, and each of them does massive damage. Aim for your opponent's feet in order to maximize its effectiveness. The blast will push your enemies around, so it is ideal for stopping fast moving classes in their tracks.


Frag Grenade

Frag Grenade

The basic grenade: A lot of damage, large blast radius. The frag grenade is useful for taking out sentry guns, instakilling scouts or other weak opponents, and general destruction.

Laser Grenade

Laser Grenade

After the grenade countdown ends, it jumps up and begins spinning. While spinning, it will fire powerful short-range lasers. After the lasers expire, the grenade disappears without exploding. It is used as an area denial tool in tight spaces as anyone who runs through it will receive a large amount of damage. If you're defending a tight space but you need to run to get health, leave a laser grenade to guard the area for a few seconds.

Additional Strategy and Tips

  • The Soldier's Rocket Launcher is easiest to aim at close ranges, though if you can lead targets well it can be effective at longer ranges too.
  • The Rocket Launcher's knockback can be used to push enemies into hazards such as a sentry gun's firing line, or to "juggle" them, making them easier to hit with the Super Shotgun or a second rocket.
  • The Soldier has very large ammo reserves, and so should never worry about running out. However, keeping your Rocket Launcher and Super Shotgun fully loaded when not in use is vitally important.

Defensive Soldier

  • Stay in one spot, preferably near a resupply bag or spawn room, so you can quickly recover lost health and armour.
  • Use your Super Shotgun to finish off lighter attackers after you've hit them with a rocket.
  • The Rocket Launcher is one of the most difficult weapons to learn to aim while concussed.
  • Don't pursue fleeing attackers. You're not fast enough to catch them, and often they'll run right back past you.

Offensive Soldier

  • The Soldier is often considered too slow to be an effective offense class.
  • Remember that firepower, not speed, is your strong point. You should focus on damaging and distracting the enemy defense so Scouts and Medics can slip through unhindered.
  • Your Rocket Launcher and Nail Grenades are extremely effectively against Sentry Guns.
  • If you grab the enemy flag, throw it to a faster teammate by pressing "C".

Playing against a Soldier

  • Pyros are excellent against Soldiers, as are Demomen at slightly longer range. Soldiers are also prime targets for Snipers due to their slow speed.
  • Soldiers excel in confined spaces with lots of cover, by contrast, their weapons are a lot less useful in large open areas.
  • The Soldier's weakness is his long reload times. The best time to attack is when his Rocket Launcher needs reloading.
  • As a Medic, concjumping past a Soldier is a better idea than engaging him directly, unless he's considerably weakened. Scouts should never even think about engaging in combat.

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