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Spy pic.jpg
Health Medium 90
Armour Medium 100 (60%)
Speed Medium 300u/s
Power Medium
Role Offense

The thinking man's class, the Spy is the assassin and saboteur of Fortress Forever. He has a wide variety of special abilities at his disposal that help him excel at infiltration and sabotage. The spy wages a psychological war with the enemy; he uses stealth and subterfuge to maneuver through the enemy base unhinged and then strike where it will hurt most. The Spy's Knife can instantly and silently kill an enemy player if they are stabbed from behind. The Spy also carries a tranquilizer gun loaded with a secret mixture of sedatives and psychosis drugs that slow down and disorient enemy players. For times when a more direct approach is required, the spy also packs a super shotgun and nail gun.

Basic Strategy

  • Use your cloak and disguise to infiltrate the enemy base. Remember your cloak does not fully conceal you while moving.
  • Backstab an enemy player with your Knife for an instant kill.

Special Abilities

  • Disguise
    Spies can disguise themselves as any other class and team that is available on the current map. If there are two teams on the map, the disguises will be listed as either "Friendly" or "Enemy". If there are three or four teams on the map, the disguises will be listed by team color. The disguise options also reflect any class limits on the map; if Snipers are disabled on the map, then a Spy is unable to disguise as a Sniper. However, the Spy's disguises can be controlled by each map's individual LUA file, so a mapper can allow a Spy to disguise as any mix of all ten classes if s/he wishes to do so.

    A Spy's disguise is removed whenever they attack with one of their weapons. (Spies are still able to prime grenades and throw them while disguised.) There is one exception to this rule (see "ID Theft" below). A Spy's currently equipped weapon is reflected in their disguise. Generally, his Knife corresponds with the weapon in Slot 1, Tranq in Slot 2, Super Shotgun in Slot 3 and Nailgun in Slot 4. For example, if a Spy is disguised as a Soldier and is holding the Nailgun, he will appear to be holding the RPG to others. This will also be reflected to you on your HUD next to your weapon.

  • Disguise Removal
    A Spy can remove an enemy Spy's disguise by coming into contact with them. The enemy Spy's HUD will show "Your disguise has been removed!". If two disguised Spies touch one another, both of their disguises are removed. The Scout also possesses this ability.

  • ID Theft
    Normally, when the Spy attacks with a weapon they lose their disguise. However, if the Spy successfully backstabs an enemy from behind with their Knife on the first hit, they instantly assume the team color and class of the enemy as a disguise.

  • Invisibility
    Spies can cloak. There are three options for cloaking: Cloak, Silent Cloak, and Smart Cloak. If a Spy cloaks normally, a Corpse showing their model falls as if it had died. If a Spy cloaks silently, the Spy simply fades into their cloaked form. Smart cloak is a command that will let the spy cloak silently if he's standing still. Otherwise it causes the normal, noisy cloak.

    Other players will see a shimmering distortion that is the spy when looking at him while he's cloaked. Friendly players will see an arrow above the spy's head. Enemies have to look hard! A Spy moves slower when cloaked, and any increases in speed (such as being hit by a Concussion Grenade and subsquently being pushed away) will remove the cloak. The more a cloaked spy moves, the more visible he becomes.

  • Reduced Fall Damage
    Spies must fall 50% as far as other classes to receive fall damage, and they receive 50% less damage than other classes when they sustain fall damage.

  • Sabotage
    Spies can sabotage enemy Sentry Guns and Dispensers and turn them against the enemy team. The Spy must stand next to a Sentry Gun or Dispenser while disguised Sabotaging a Sentry Gun or Dispenser takes 3 seconds. Sabotaged Buildables can not be detonated or dismantled. (However, they can still be destroyed by weapons fire as usual.) The Sabotage effect is removed after the timer runs out or the Spy is killed.

    The Spy can activate the Sabotage and the Sentry Gun will fire on its own team, giving all kills to the Spy. When the activated Sabotage ends, the Sabotage is removed. A Sabotaged Dispenser can be detonated by the Spy activating the Sabotage. The Sabotaged Dispenser will kill anyone on the Engineer's team (if Friendly Fire is off).

  • Stealth
    Spies do not make footstep sounds like the other classes do. However, they will make footsteps while disguised so as to not ruin the illusion of the disguise. If a Spy is crouching when he lands from a fall, he will make no noise. However, a Spy can choose to stand while falling so as to purposely make noise if they choose to do so.




The knife is the signature weapon of the spy. Although it's a melee weapon, it is very deadly. Normal hits deal significantly more damage than the crowbar, and backstabs kill instantly. Much of learning how to be a good spy is proper use of the knife.

Tranquilizer Gun

Tranquilizer Gun

The tranq is useful for slowing down pursuers, catching up with targets, and in general causing annoyance. Each successful shot causes the target to suffer from an increasingly powerful sedation effect. The enemy's movement speed is slowed and their vision blurred. The projectiles from this weapon do not hit instantly; so you must learn to lead targets at medium and long ranges.

Super Shotgun

Super Shotgun

The super shotgun is the spy's main weapon if he gets in trouble. It doesn't have the grace or style of a saboteur, but it gets the job done when you need to fight for your life.



The nailgun is most useful for taking out sentry guns. It works at an almost unlimited range and the steady stream of nails destroys the gun quickly. Combine the nailgun with frag grenades and circle strafing for maximum effect against sentries.


Frag Grenade

Frag Grenade

The standard fragmentation grenade: lots of damage, a large blast radius. Like the super shotgun, it doesn't exactly have the style of a calm, cool infiltrator, but it will be one of your most useful weapons.

Additional Strategy and Tips

See Class:Spy/Strategy for more information.

Offensive Spy

  • The Spy's greatest weapon is his Knife. It does more damage than the crowbar and can instantly kill an enemy if they are hit with it from behind.
  • The Tranq will slow down an enemy and effectively remove their peripheral vision. This is best used to slow down an enemy and get around them for a backstab with the knife.
  • Although the Spy is armed with a Super Shotgun, he only has average health, armor, and movement speed and is unlikely to survive in open combat. A Spy's best role is to make use of his various Special Abilities to infiltrate the enemy's base and cause whatever damage he can.
  • The cloak does not fully hide you while moving. Bear this in mind.
  • Change disguises or cloak in areas outside of sight of the enemy such as your team's spawn rooms.

Defensive Spy

  • The Spy is a poor defender, because his abilities are focused towards infiltration.
  • Patrol your base and attempt to backstab unsuspecting attackers.

Playing Against a Spy

  • On servers where friendly fire is turned off, you can easily spycheck teammates by shooting them.
  • Spies are equipped to excel at infiltration. The best defense against a Spy is a wary and alert team.
  • Watch out for the shimmer of a moving Spy's cloak.
  • As an Engineer, don't leave your Sentry Gun unattended, or else you're inviting a Spy to sabotage it.

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