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Client console variables

HUD options

cl_chat_colorize (1) Enable (1) or disable (0) colored chat messages from other players.
cl_chat_color_default ("255 170 0") Default chat colour before colorization.
hud_centerid (0) Centers the player information text on the hud (otherwis it displays to the lower left).
hud_fortpoints_latest (1) Toggle visible team scores on the HUD.
hud_fortpoints_total (1) Toggle visible team scores on the HUD.
hud_speedometer (0) Toggle speedometer on the HUD.
default_fov (x) Sets the field of view. 120 is the max value
hud_teamscores (1) Toggle visible team scores on the HUD.
cl_teamcolourhud (0) HUD is drawn in team colors.
cl_hints (1) Display hints.

Radial Context Menu Options

cl_cmusemouse (1) Enable the mouse during the context menu (set to 0 for classic vgui style).
cl_cmcapture (1) When using the mouse on the context menu your player view will not be affected.
cl_cmhidecursor (0) Hide the cursor when using the mouse on the context menu.
cl_cmsize (120) Size of the context menu.
cl_cmbounds (120) Bounds of context menu.
cl_cmprogresstime (0.7) Delay before automatically selecting an option under the mouse cursor.
cl_cmsquash (0.7) How squashed the context menu looks.
cm_highlightdistance (50) How far the cursor needs to be towards a menu option before it is highlighted.
cm_waitforrelease (1) Whether the menu waits for the mouse to be released before selecting a final option.
cm_defaultactiontime (0.5) How long to wait for the menu to be closed before doing the default action.
cm_noradialaimsentry (0) Aim sentry gun after the option has been selected (by pointing and clicking again).

Miscellaneous Graphical

cl_effectsdetail (1) Controls amount of effect detail displayed: 0 - none, 1 - medium, 2 - full.
cl_ragdoll_deathview (1) When you die, you see in First Person what the ragdoll does. I.E. being flown across the map, dead, and hit a wall, all while in first person view.
cl_concuss_spriteSize "x" Control the size of the stars above a player's head when concussed. 1 - smallest size
cl_concuss_spriteNum "x" The number of stars above a player's head when concussed. 360 - maximum value
cl_concuss_spinSpeed "x" The speed the stars from the concussion effect spin around your head: 3000 is the maximum value to form an unbroken ring with max sprite number.


cl_spawnweapon_(class) "(weapon)" When class spawns it has the weapon readied by default. For example: cl_spawnweapon_scout "crowbar" would have the scout spawn with his crowbar instead of shotgun.
cl_jumpqueu (0) Turns on and off auto-jumping: 0 - on, 1 - off.

RCON Commands

sv_password (x) password input to enable rcon
status Lists players and their steam IDs
rcon status Same as 'status' but lists players' IP addresses
rcon kickid ("STEAM_x:x:x") (Kick message) Kicking a player from server
rcon banid (1) ("STEAM_x:x:x") Banning a player from server. Time is in minutes. (0) is indefinitely
rcon removeid ("STEAM_x:x:x") Removes player from the ban list
rcon banip (IP) Bans player by IP address. Do not include port
rcon removeip (IP) Removes player from the ban list
rcon maps * Lists the maps on server
rcon mp_timelimit (x) Changes the map's remaining time. It is adjusted time -- the new value will take into account time that has already transpired.
rcon ff_setprematch (x) Sets prematch time in seconds. Will put a current game into prematch without resetting the map.