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Info_ff_script is a point-based scriptable entity. If you are familiar with TFC's entities, this entity is somewhat similiar to info_tfgoals and item_tfgoals; however, the scripting behind this entity makes it a great deal more flexible.

info_ff_script entities represent physical items that can affect, and be affected by players. Such items might be the flags in a CTF map, or the armor, health and ammo packs in a respawn room.

Using info_ff_script

info_ff_script's are placed in a map through Hammer just like placing any point-based entity.

To make the info_ff_script entity an actual usable object in-game, it must be given a name that corresponds to an entry in your map's Lua file. The Lua script determines the actual behavior of the entity. See Lua:info_ff_script for more information.

Example info_ff_script names are: "red_flag", "resup_pack", "blue_armor", "yellow_healthkit", etc.

FF includes a number of pre-existing game modes that require very little work to implement in your own maps--that is, assuming your map's gameplay is similar enough to one of these templates. You'll simply need to add the appropriate entities, give them the proper names, and you're all set. More on that can be found by looking at the available map templates.