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Attack and Defend Maps


Attack and defend comes in a couple of varieties: Attack and Defend (sometimes shortened to AvD or AD) and Invade and Defend (sometimes shortened to IvD or ID). Both feature a common theme, as the names suggest, of having one team assaulting multiple areas while the other defends them.

Attack and Defend

Attack and Defend is a game mode where one team is attacking and the other team is defending. The attacking team must capture a single point per area, and each area is like a miniature game in itself. To progress to the next area, the current area must be completed by capturing the point by taking the flag from the attackers' area respawn to the defenders' capture point. When the point is captured, everyone is respawned in the next area (typically juxtaposed with the preceding capture area) and the game continues. Before each area's combat begins, there is a 60 second grace period during which the attackers are locked in their respawn behind gates or other barriers. This affords the defenders some time to set up their defence positions. The map ends when the final area is captured (a win for the attackers), or time runs out (a win for the defenders).

Traditionally, there are three points in an AvD map, but this value is arbitrary. Flag carriers move at a slower speed than normal, and capturing players are awarded points, as are teams.

Grenades tend to be more limited than in other game modes - usually only the attacking team spawns with any. Typically only one backpack per command point contains them as well (usually at a strategic position) - with no grenade backpack present in the final command point.

An example of an AvD map is Dustbowl.

Typical Features:

  • Flag returns after 60 seconds of inactivity.
  • Attackers gain 30 team points per capture.
  • 30 personal points per capture.
  • Defenders gain 5 team points per minute for prolonging a capture.
  • Map ends after 24 minutes if the last cap has not been captured.

Invade and Defend

Invade and Defend is similar, but the game does not stop and start as points are captured and the whole map is traversable at any time (i.e. areas do not open and shut as the map progresses). When a point is captured in Invade and Defend, the invading team's spawn points are shifted 'up' the battlefield to make progressing to the next point more easy. Each base point holds a flag; each flag can only be used to capture the next sequential point. Points are awarded for capturing each area.

When all points have been captured in order, the teams are switched - Attackers become Defenders are vice-versa. The winning team is the one that scored highest, as in CTF.

Again, the flag carrier is usually a little slower than normal, and grenades are more limited - though both teams do usually spawn with them, there may only be one granade backpack in the entire map.

An example of an Invade and Defend map is Cornfield.

Typical Features:

  • Flag returns to last captured point after 60 seconds of inactivity (some "open" maps reset the flag near-instantly if it falls out of bounds, as in Palermo).
  • Attackers gain 10 team points per capture.
  • 10 personal points per capture.
  • Defenders gain 4 team points per minute for prolonging a capture.

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