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Push Maps


Push is simply put, a soccer game type. Each team vies for control of a ball, and must push the ball to the enemies capture point / goal. The goal is typically located in the heart of the enemy base, increasing the difficulty to capture as the ball approaches the goal.

The ball spawns in the middle of the map equal distance from each team's respawn. Mayham ensues.

Capturing the ball in the enemy's goal completes the round and starts a new one by reseting players back to respawn and the ball to its initial location.

Players are awarded a personal bonus for capturing the ball, and the team also scores points for a capture.

Typical values

  • When dropped, the ball returns after 30 seconds. It's very rare that the ball is dropped for long periods, as both teams can hold it.
  • 10 team points per capture
  • 5 personal points per capture