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Territorial Control Maps


Territory Control, aka Control Point, aka Command Point, aka Domination, is a game type where each team vies for control of a series of points found scattered throughout the map. Points are captured by standing on them. The faster a class is, the faster the point will be captured. In addition, the more people on a cap, the faster it'll be capped. Teams score a point every x seconds for each control point they hold. Holding a large number of points obviously builds a larger score. Teams can score a decisive advantage by capturing 100% of the control points for a sizable points bonus. If this should occur, the map will either reset and everyone will respawn & get ready to go again, or the points will simply pass into neutral ownership, ready to be captured once more.

Variations on the Territory Control Theme


Each point is independently held and can be captured or lost by the attacking or defending team respectively.

Typical Features:

  • All command points can be potentially captured at any time.
  • Points are captured by standing on them.
  • The faster your class speed, the faster you cap points.
  • The more people on a point, the faster it'll be capped.
  • 1 team point scored per command point held each 30 seconds
  • 2 personal points scored per capture
  • 25 team points scored for holding all points
  • All points reset to neutral upon all cap


Each point must be captured in a linear fashion. To capture point three, you must have control of point two. To capture point four, you require point three and so on. Each point has a short delay after being captured before it is available for transfer into the other team's ownership (to stop points changing hands repeatedly). Capturing 100% of the points in a fraction of a second is possible by placing a friendly player on all enemy held points. Sequential Territory Control is a much more cat & mouse game, as things can change in an instant (as a team can go from holding four points to zero points in a matter of a few seconds).

Typical features:

  • Command points may only be captured in a sequential fashion
  • Once a point is captured, it may not be recaptured by the opposing team for a period of 15 seconds
  • 0 team points per point captured
  • 2 personal points per point captured
  • 30 team points scored for capturing all points
  • 10 personal points for scoring the final capture
  • Game resets and everyone respawns upon all cap

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