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Mapping for FF
The Basics

Setting up Hammer
Getting Started With Lua
Releasing a map

FF-specific Entities

Lua location system

Map Templates
FF Lua Documentation

Entity Typing
Entity Collections


Screen Menus

Numerical menus can be shown to players through Lua commands. The player presses a number key to make a selection.


  • ShowMenuToPlayer( player, menu_name )
  • ShowMenuToTeam( team_id, menu_name )
  • ShowMenu( menu_name )
  • CreateMenu( menu_name )
  • CreateMenu( menu_name, title )
  • CreateMenu( menu_name, display_time )
  • CreateMenu( menu_name, title, display_time )
  • DestroyMenu( menu_name )
  • SetMenuTitle( menu_name, title )
  • AddMenuOption( menu_name, slot, option_text )
  • RemoveMenuOption( menu_name, slot )


  • menu_name(string) A name with which to control the menu
  • player(CFFPlayer) The player to show the menu to
  • team_id(CFFTeam) the team to show the menu to
  • title(string) a header to display above the menu options
  • display_time(integer) Maximum number of seconds to display the menu.
  • slot(integer) The number to associate with a menu option (0-9 only).
  • option_text(string) The text to display for each menu option.


Use these callbacks to detect when a player either picks a menu option, or lets the menu expire

  • player_onmenuselect( player, menu_name, selection )
  • menu_onexpire( menu_name, num_players_shown_to )
  • selection(integer) is the option that was selected
  • num_players_shown_to (integer?) Seems pretty self-explanatory but I'm not sure what the utility of this is.