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SetTeamAllies is used to ally one team to another.

The SetTeamAllies function only works within a .lua files startup() section. This startup() function can be added to any .lua file but there should be only one within a .lua file.

Example .LUA startup() function

function startup()
     SetTeamAllies( BLUE_TEAM, 16 );
     SetTeamAllies( YELLOW_TEAM, 4 );

Now, the first parameter in SetTeamAllies is the team that's going to be given an ally. The second command is (for now) a bit field of the team who is going to be the ally.

Setting blue team to have an ally of yellow team

SetTeamAllies( BLUE_TEAM, 16 );

This tells BLUE TEAM to have an ally of YELLOW TEAM.

Setting yellow team to have an ally of blue team

SetTeamAllies( YELLOW_TEAM, 4 );

Similarly, this tells YELLOW TEAM to have an ally of BLUE TEAM.

Listing of teams as their 'bitfield' value:

Team 'bitfield' values

blue team:   4
red team:    8
yellow team: 16
green team:  32