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SetTeamClassLimit is used to set the class limits for a team. This means telling a team which classes are allowed as well as the number of that class allowed. It must be placed in your map's startup() function and gets passed 3 parameters:

SetTeamClassLimit( team, class, limit )
team  - team to set limits on
class - class to set a limit on
limit - how many are allowed (0 = infinite, -1 = none)

In this example, we will make red only have 2 snipers and blue not have any soldiers:

Example .LUA startup() function

function startup()
     -- Limit red to 2 snipers
     SetTeamClassLimit( RED_TEAM, CLASS_SNIPER, 2 )

     -- Remove soldiers from blue team
     SetTeamClassLimit( BLUE_TEAM, CLASS_SOLDIER, -1 )

Every other class will be allowed an infinite number of players.