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Fortress Forever
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Scout Concing in Fortress Forever
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Welcome to the Fortress Forever Manual
MainPage ScoutConc.jpg
A Scout concs to safety on Push

This is the online game manual for Fortress Forever, a free Source engine mod

Fortress Forever is a class-based online FPS (first-person-shooter) teamwork game. Players are divided into one to four different teams, and pick between nine different classes, while partaking in a variety of different game styles including capture the flag, territorial control and assassination, as well as fun styles such as conc, and escape, also for those who just feel like having an all out frag fest, we offer deathmatch. Learning how to play will be a fun and inviting experience. Will you be the quick and nimble scout? Or will you be the tactical engineer? Perhaps the mad crazy anarchist pyro? You can develop your abilities by learning and using many different movement tricks such as: bunnyhopping, trimping, sharking, as well as other tricks too, It will be a gaming experience to remember. Strap your boots on, and put on your helmet Private, its time to frag.

If you are new to FF, take some time to read the Installation Guide and Beginner's Guide.

If you would like to contribute to the manual, please read the style and usage guidelines and the TODO list.


Installation and Setup

Playing the Game

Class Guides

Advanced Gameplay

Map Guides

Capture the Flag

Attack and Defend

Territorial Control