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CZ2 takes place in a futuristic arena, where Red and Blue are competing to take control of Capture Points for glory, fame, money, women, and cats. In order to capture a point, you must stand on it. The more people on a point, the faster it'll be captured. The speed that you capture at is equal to the speed you move at. HWGuy captures the slowest, Scout the fastest. Unlike other Capture Point maps, you can see what team controls what point simply by looking at the beams shooting to the sky. Red beams mean Red controls a point and blue beams mean Blue controls a point.

The invisible roof in this map is in line with the roofs of the buildings as to prevent camping on top of them and easy captures. This greatly reduces the usefulness of special jumping techniques, but they can still be used to gain a quick burst of speed.

Succeeding in this map takes a precise mixture of attackers and defenders. If there are too many attackers, they'll get slaughtered by the enemy's defense when they try to capture points that are near the enemy's base. If there's too much defense, they won't be able to capture any points outside of the ones that're near their base. Even with all that defense, a few slippery enemy attackers can get the points they're defending, allowing them to win a round.

Strategies and Tips

The Command Center

An enemy Demoman can reset all of a team's captured CPs by placing a Detpack in the Command Center. Doing so will give the enemy team 15 points, in addition to resetting all of the afflicted team's captured CPs.

If an enemy Spy gets into the base, they can hack open all of that base's doors by pressing +use on the Command Center computers. It can be done while cloaked or disguised, so if you notice that your doors are open with no-one nearby, try shooting next to the computers. Generally, explosive weapons ( like the RPG or the Grenade Launcher ) or weapons that fire a constant stream ( like the Nailgun ) are best for this.

If you're playing as a Scout, check your Command Center regularly. If a Demoman has placed a Detpack, then you can defuse it before you lose all your CP's!

As a Engineer, you can build a Sentry Gun in the main room of your base, or at the back of the Command Center. Bear in mind you cannot build on the ramp leading to the Command Center, however. This also will not stop spies who can sabotage it, and will render you sentryless, and therefore losing part of the team if no-one attacks the Command Center.

Near Capture Points

There are lots of resupply bags, medkits, and armor near CP's, if you're taking a lot of damage, quickly get to one, and you can take down classes much more heavier than you.

Using The Teleporters

You can teleport to any owned capture point by going into your Command Center, going to the flag and beam representing that capture point, and pressing +use (default key: E).

You can teleport back from a capture point to your base by going onto the point, and pressing +use. This will put you inside your respawn, as well as fully restocking your health, ammo and armor.

If you're playing as a HWGuy, then you should use the teleporters in your Command Center frequently to defend your capture points!



Ff cz20130.gif
The main supply room.
Ff cz20125.gif
Ff cz20126.gif
The Control Center. Don't let a Demoman get in here!
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Outside Base

Ff cz20144.gif
Overview of the paths leading from Base. The left one leads to CP2/4 and CP3 and the right one leads to CP1/5.
Ff cz20131.gif
Closeup of the left path. You can see how the right path leads to CP1/5.
Ff cz20132.gif
Closeup of the right path. You can see how the left path connects to CP2/4 and CP3.
Ff cz20135.gif
The gas machine will propel you up to the top of the nearby building.

Capture Points 1 and 5

Overview of Control Point 1/5.
Ff cz20134.gif
There's a cache of medikits behind the box on the lower floor.
Image gallery filler.jpg
Image gallery filler.jpg

Capture Points 2 and 4

Ff cz20137.gif
The area just outside Capture Point 2/4. The water path leads to the enemy's CP 2/4, the ramp leads to CP3 and the entrance on the right leads to CP2/4.
Ff cz20140.gif
Overview of CP2/4. Notice the medikit behind the box.
Ff cz20139.gif
Shot of the actual Capture Point.
Image gallery filler.jpg

Capture Point 3

Overview of Capture Point 3. The huts will have a Blue Armor and backpack appear when somebody captures the CP.
Ff cz20146.gif
The entrance to CP3 from CP2/4.
Image gallery filler.jpg
Image gallery filler.jpg

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