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Command Point 1, Towards the CP

Ff dustbowl cp1 area2.jpg
View of Command Point One
Defensive SG positions (Red SG) are shown, as well as the Command Point (Red X), a good covering Sniper Spot (Red SN), and the most common offensive routes (Blue Arrows). Also shown is the Extraroute exit (Blue EX), Jump Points (Blue JP), and a good offensive Sniper position (Blue SN)

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Special attention should be paid to the Jump Points, as these provide an easy way to get the flag right up to the Command Point, if not capture it. A few people (or perhaps an SG, if you have many Engineer's on the team) covering the roofs can help prevent this - Snipers, Soldiers, and HWGuys all all pretty good classes in this role.

Another thing to watch for in this shot is the route denoted by the left-most arrow, through the building. This route can be used by Spies to sneak in quite effectivly - even more so when the Extraroute is open. It will also likely be used by other classes, often Soldiers and Medics who can use the door it leads to as a protected point to fire upon Sentry Guns. Someone sneaky may also try to run the flag down this route, though it is uncommon.


As was noted in the previous picture, an early push before the enemy Sentries are set up is often the quickest way to Capture this point, and prevent being bogged down. Another tactic, though uncommonly used, is to run the flag through the building shown in the left of the picture, which runs most of the way to the Command Point - it can be risky though, as if the flag is dropped inside there, it is more easily defended than if it were dropped in the open.

If the Extraroute opens (shot above is shown from the Extraroute opening), it can provide a few benefits. It is a good spot for a Sniper - dark, out of harm, and with a good view - but is also good for a Spy to make a less conspicous entrance into the area. In the Fortress Forever version of Dustbowl, it is also even better than ever for usage as a secondary Jump point, but is more also more open and noticable than the other one marked upon the picture above.

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