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Epicenter takes places in a city being ravished by a war between Red and Blue. For some reason, a critical part of this battle is that each side needs to place their flag near a jeep that's on the opposite end of a street.

Epicenter is CTF, but with a few big twists. In normal CTF, you must steal the enemy's flag and put it in yours. In Epicenter, you must take your flag (which is in your spawn) and place it in the enemy's base. In addition, if one team captures the flag, their flag is returned to spawn, but the enemy team can continue capping. After one team gets three caps, they win and everything is reset. These twists make Epicenter pretty confusing for somebody that hasn't played in it before.

Engineers are vital in this map. Backpacks give out very little armour, so it's up to Engineers to repar a teammate's armor before he heads out. Your team should have at least one, but two or more is ideal. If your team has two or more, they should alternate between taking care of their Sentry Guns and repairing teammate's armour before the teammates head out.


Spawn Room

The spawn room contains three backpacks, a grenade backpack and the flag. Each backpack contains little armor and health, so at the start of a round, an Engineer should repair each teammate's armour before the round starts. The flag and grenades shold be reserved for fast classes, such as the Scout and Medic. This room leads to the Balcony and Streets.

Ff epicenter0067.gif
Overview of the Spawn Room.
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Ff epicenter0069.gif
Overview of the Balcony.
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Ff epicenter0073.gif
Ff epicenter0067.gif
Ff epicenter0080.gif
Ff epicenter0075.gif

x Streets

Ff epicenter0066.gif
The Street leads to the Cap Area.
Ff epicenter0070.gif
This is the part of the Street that connects with the Bridge.
Ff epicenter0079.gif
This building can be used by Engineers to place Sentries that'll cover the Cap Area and the Building.
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The Bridge

Ff epicenter0071.gif
The upper Bridge
Ff epicenter0072.gif
The lower Bridge.
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Cap Area

Ff epicenter0077.gif
Oberview of the Cap Area. The raised floors near the jeep are great for sentry placement.
Ff epicenter0078.gif
The cap point is behind the jeep.
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