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Hunted is a map that has one player, playing as the nearly-defenseless Blue Hunted, attempt to make it across the map to the escape zone before a Yellow Assassin Sniper or their 1 Spy manages to kill him. The Red Bodyguards (Soldier, Demoman, Medic, HWGuy, Pyro, Engineer, and 1 Sniper are selectable) must protect and escort The Hunted. This map takes extreme cooperation in order for either side to succeed. The Hunted must constantly keep his Bodyguards informed, while the Assassins must keep tabs on The Hunted, use the environment to their advantage, and avoid prolonged firefights with the Bodyguards.

Strategies and Tips

As the Hunted, it's generally best if you have a microphone. Working together with your Bodyguards is very useful, and it lets you do things such as conc jump into the escape tunnel, or rocket jump up the vent. If you don't have a microphone, look at making yourself a script to say to your team your position or to ask for help. Remember the script won't automatically run, so use 'exec scriptnamehere' in your console.

As a Bodyguard, use Soldiers, HWGuys, Pyros and the Sniper to protect the Hunted, Medics to heal him, and generally, don't use the Demoman or the Engineer. Remember that the Soldier and the Medic can also propel the Hunted with a jump technique (Rocket jumping and conc jumping), and also to Spy check everyone. Make sure Friendly Fire is off first!

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