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Monkey takes place in two old Mayan temples, where Red and Blue have decided to use CTF as a way to show the Monkey God who is superior. The Capture Point is located inside the Base, not the Flag room.



There are two respawn rooms. One is near the Flag Room while the other is in the Base. The Base Respawn room does not have a grenade bag. The regular backpack in them contain 90 cells 25 rockets 90 shells 90 nails 100 health and 300 armour. The Grenade Backpack contains 4 Frag and Special grenades.

Ff monkey0032.gif
The respawn room.
Ff monkey0033.gif
The area right outside the respawn room.
Image gallery filler.jpg
Image gallery filler.jpg


Ff monkey0048.gif
Overview of the base.
Ff monkey0039.gif
Another shot of the base from another angle.
Ff monkey0043.gif
The resupply room in the base.
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Water Route

Ff monkey0046.gif
This is where you go in...
Ff monkey0047.gif
...and this is where you come out.
Ff monkey0038.gif
Overview of the water exit for defenders.
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Flag Room

Ff monkey0034.gif
Overview of the flag room.
Ff monkey0035.gif
Alternate picture.
Ff monkey0036.gif
Alternate picture.
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Ff monkey0040.gif
Overview of the Yard.
Ff monkey0041.gif
Alternate picture.
Image gallery filler.jpg
Image gallery filler.jpg

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