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Push is a soccer (football) variant map. Teams race to the middle of the map to gain control of a soccer ball, and attempt to carry it to the enemy's goal area.

Upon capture of the ball, the round resets and the ball is returned to the middle. Players are sent back to respawn and a new round begins.

Class Limitations

Engineers are disallowed on push. Defense rests primarily in the hands of Soldiers, Demomen and HWGuys.

Grenades are not available for any classes to prevent stale gameplay.



Ff push0072.gif
The arena.
Ff push0074.gif
The arena.
Ff push0073.gif
The arena.
Ff push0075.gif
The arena.


Ff push0077.gif
The corridor entrance.
Ff push0080.gif
The resupply room on the left hallway.
Ff push0088.gif
What happens if you try to run through the enemy's lasers.
Image gallery filler.jpg

Loading Bay

Ff push0081.gif
Overview of the loading area.
Image gallery filler.jpg
Image gallery filler.jpg
Image gallery filler.jpg


Ff push0086.gif
Overview of the yard.
Ff push0076.gif
Alternate shot.
Image gallery filler.jpg
Image gallery filler.jpg

Middle Warehouse

Ff push0084.gif
Overview of the warehouse.
Ff push0085.gif
Another view.
Image gallery filler.jpg
Image gallery filler.jpg

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