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Waterpolo is a deadly game of soccer (British football) taking place in a very large pool. The objective is to carry the ball into the enemy's goal for 10 points. If your team carries the ball into your own goal, the enemy will receive 10 points and your team will be shamed with the force of 10,000 klanopes. If the ball carrier lands outside the bright laser boundary markers, the ball will return to midfield.

Each team can have one goalie Civilian. Their Umbrella can kill anyone with one hit, is extremely fast, and is the only person on the team that can return the ball to midfield (by pressing +use (default: 'E') on it). They cannot carry the ball though, and will not score an own goal if they go into their net to return the ball.

The goalie is invulnerable in their team's third of the pitch, however, in the center third, they will receive x3 damage. He also cannot go outside the boundary markers or in the enemy third, or they will respawn.

Snipers are disabled.


x Side

This is where your goal is. You'll respawn on the top of the side walls, and can jump down with only a small damage penalty. Your goalkeeper (Civilian) should stay in or near this area, as he is the only one that can reset the ball's position if it gets too close to your goal.

Some people like to build sentries in this area or right in front of the goal. While they're effective on enemies close to the goal, they can be taken out with a Nailgun or Rocket Launcher with ease.

Ff waterpolo0082.gif
A team's side of the arena.
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The island in the center of the Midfield has the ball, and consequently, has the most amount of carnage. Fast classes should try to grab the ball; they can slip out of the bloodbath and run over to the enemy's side without anybody noticing. Scouts can try and place a Jump Pad on the island for their team; but remember that enemy ball carriers can use it to fly into your goal.

On the sides of the Midfield are the Side Rooms.

Ff waterpolo0081.gif
Overview of the midfield.
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Side Room 1 and 2

These rooms contain four medkits, two Blue Armors, and a grenade backpack that gives two grenades of each type. Conc-jumpers should immedietly come over to one of the side rooms and get a grenade-pack.

Your team can deny the enemy usage of the supplies in the room by hoarding them. Have one person grab everything he can get. Once he's stocked up, have him fire his guns, throw a grenade and injure himself a few times, allowing him to grab what's left. Once the supplies respawn, repeat the process. Many enemies won't even know what you're doing in there, allowing the hoarder to get off scot-free.

Ff waterpolo0083.gif
The layout of the side rooms. The grenade pack is in the middle.
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