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base_teamplay includes the basic team-oriented objects needed for most FF maps. To enable it, put this line into your map's Lua file.


Note: Most gameplay scripts already include base_teamplay. If you have included one of those already, this step is not necessary.

Simply place the specified type of entity in your map, and give it the name in bold. The game will take care of the rest.

In the list below, substituting 'yellow' or 'green' will support yellow and green teams.


  • healthkit (info_ff_script): Health kit containing 50 health
  • armorkit (info_ff_script): Armor pack containing 200 armour
  • ammobackpack (info_ff_script): Backpack containing 20 rpg rounds, 50 bullets, 50 nails, 100 shells, 15 rockets, and 70 cells
  • grenbackpack (info_ff_script): Backpack containing 2 primary grenades and 2 secondary grenades
  • bluehealthkit (info_ff_script): see above, for blue team
  • bluearmorkit (info_ff_script): see above, for blue team
  • blueammobackpack (info_ff_script): see above, for blue team
  • bluegrenbackpack (info_ff_script): see above, for blue team
  • redhealthkit (info_ff_script): see above, for red team
  • redarmorkit (info_ff_script): see above, for red team
  • redammobackpack (info_ff_script): see above, for red team
  • redgrenbackpack (info_ff_script): see above, for red team

Respawn Doors

  • blue_respawndoor (trigger_multiple): Trigger for blue respawn door
  • red_respawndoor (trigger_multiple): Trigger for red respawn door

Elevator Triggers

  • blue_elevator_trigger (trigger_multiple): Trigger for a blue-only lift
  • red_elevator_trigger (trigger_multiple): Trigger for a red-only lift

Spawn points

  • bluespawn (info_ff_teamspawn): Spawn point for blue player
  • redspawn (info_ff_teamspawn): Spawn point for red player

Detpack triggers

  • detpack_trigger (trigger_ff_script): Trigger that activates when any detpack explodes nearby
  • blue_detpack_trigger (trigger_ff_script): Trigger that activates when a blue detpack explodes nearby
  • red_detpack_trigger (trigger_ff_script): Trigger that activates when a red detpack explodes nearby

This entity has no effect by default. To cause walls to open, effects to fire, etc. Place a logic_relay in your map, and name it 'neutral_det_relay', 'blue_det_relay', 'red_det_relay', etc. Use the logic_relay's onTrigger output to fire events within the map.

Spawn Protection

  • nobuild (trigger_ff_script): No players will be allowed to build here
  • nogrens (trigger_ff_script): No grenades will explode here
  • noannoyances (trigger_ff_script): Within this volume, no grenades will explode, nothing may be built, and players can't be infected by a medic.


All clips use trigger_ff_clip

  • clip_blue - clips everything except blue players (blue team "owns" the clip brush)
  • clip_red - clips everything except red players (red team "owns" the clip brush)
  • clip_yellow - clips everything except yellow players (yellow team "owns" the clip brush)
  • clip_green - clips everything except green players (green team "owns" the clip brush)

  • block_buildables - blocks buildables and buildable weapons
  • block_buildablepathing - blocks buildables but not buildable weapons
  • block_buildableweapons - blocks buildable weapons but not buildables
  • block_spawnturrets - blocks spawnturrets (turrets can't see or shoot through this)
  • block_nonplayers - blocks everything except players
  • block_backpacks - blocks backpacks
  • block_flags - blocks info_ff_script entities (flags are info_ff_scripts)