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When a player hits a ramp or other incline at a fast speed, the player will naturally glide up the surface without losing much speed providing they do not hold the forward or backward movement keys. Players can direct their slide by using the strafe keys and the mouse in a smooth gliding action.

Once a player is engaged in a Ramp Slide, they lose the ability to Trimp. Should a player wish to trimp, they must hold the jump key as they make contact with the ramp for the first time. This is designed to prevent the combination of ramp sliding and trimping becoming too difficult to counteract when defending areas with ramps (I.e. a player can't slide half of a ramp then suddenly 'pop' off the surface because of trimping).

The only thing left to discuss is whether we should try to reimplement the penalty for failing to duck when passing over an edge, as ramp sliding is now automatic and pretty simple to do. See the discussion page -- Defrag