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Grenade reference guide

Damage and Special Effects

Grenade Base Damage Special Effects Used By:
Frag 145
  • The only grenade that uses the 'Primary Grenade' key (default: F)
All classes except the Scout
Concussion 0
  • Causes concussions.
  • The further from the center of the blast a player is, the further they will be launched.
The Scout
Laser 0
  • On detonation, the grenade jumps ~30 units.
  • It then locks in place, and spins around on the spot.
  • 3 lasers are fired from the sides.
  • The lasers deactivate after 3 seconds.
The Soldier
  • Gains damage based on ammunition in the blast radius. See Reference:Ammo for more information.
  • Destroys all projectiles (but not thrown grenades).
The Engineer
Slowfield 0
  • Enemies passing through a slowfield grenade's radius will be slowed down.
  • The enemy's actual speed will be restored when they leave the radius.
  • The slowfield deactivates after 7 seconds.
The HWGuy
Napalm Unknown
  • Lower than normal radius and damage.
  • On exploding, releases various flames, each dealing damage and setting the player on fire.
  • The napalm grenade must be used for a player to reach level 3 burn damage.
The Pyro
MIRV 145
  • Releases MIRV-lets on exploding.
  • MIRV-lets deal 145 damage each when they explode (2 seconds after the MIRV explosion)
The Demoman

See Reference:Classes#Grenades to see how many grenades each class spawns with / can have at once.

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