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Scout Concs to Safety on Push

That Scout is a ragdoll. Also, there are no concs on push. Maybe a better image could be used. Circuitous 11:25, 17 February 2008 (CST)

Who cares? It shows off a facet of the game very well. It's not like your average reader is going to spaz out because there aren't concs in Push. --Hirohito 13:28, 17 February 2008 (CST)
I have actually always thought this image looked really strange. And I knew something about it seemed odd...I would like to see something replace it eventually. --DrSatan-12955 02:00, 18 February 2008 (CST)

Work In Progress

I should have stated this right off, but I will do it now. Everything, EVERYTHING here is a work-in-progress. I know it should be more than just links on the front page, and I fully intend to expand on it (which is why it looks so small; so much to add!). You can judge the wiki when me and the other testerz call it "done". d: --Ihmhi 03:09, 7 August 2007 (CDT)

Why various pages are listed as off-site

For some reason, linking to a page that is Category:x doesn't work with dotted lists. I've used the off-site link function to get around this for the time being. --Hirohito 21:59, 28 December 2007 (CST)

Fixed. There was a category link in the modding section. Apparently needs a preceding colon ( : ). I dunno why it works that way though... --Phisionary 22:14, 28 December 2007 (CST)

Don't just make a portal!

Remember that the front page of the wiki is going to need to be a general catch-all for all users, rather than just a portal full of links to places where you can find information.

People going to it will either be:

  • trying to find out what ff is all about (random people from the internet)
  • trying to find out how to play ff (very new people who have maybe just downloaded or just played a few mins)
  • trying to find out more information on ff (new people to vet people)

So you need to write the page while thinking about what type of content each person is going to want to find and make sure that it's covered in some way on the front page.

So for example, all these things ought to have a paragraph or so of useful description on the front page, along with links to the relevent section:

  • Description of the mod
  • Video tutorials
  • Game guide, getting started, etc
  • Frequently asked things
  • Classes & class strategies
  • Maps/gametypes & strategies
  • Resources for map makers

Probably others too. But the front page should be really accessible and be able to guide the person to whatever information they need (i.e. if they're new then we want to tell them about our video tutorials and how useful they might find them).

Archiving the old page Main Page here while I works on the new one. --Ihmhi 09:47, 2 July 2007 (CDT)

Blah. This is just a temp page. I'm trying to get a feel for the way these things are done. I'll flesh this out when I get back later, then create all the pages as blanks etc. - Def


Gameplay Categories
Classes The player classes of Fortress Forever
Class Abilities Special abilities possessed by Player Classes
Armour Types Different types of armour and their properties
Ammo Types Guns don't kill people, bullets kill people.
Weapons Wrong. Bullets don't kill people, Dick Cheney kills people.
Grenades Grenades for blowing things up.
Buildables Engineers build stuff. I had to let you know.
Status Effects Conced, tranqued or just straight trippin'.
Movement Systems Trimping, concing and all of that other good stuff.
Game Types CTF, CZ, AD and other amusing acronyms here!

Fortress Forever Commands

Personal Scoring and Gameplay Awards

Stats System & Global Awards





Main Mapping Wiki



Banner.png is Broken

Dunno how to fix it. Hirohito 21:58, 4 January 2009 (MST)