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Ff aardvark0017.jpg

ff_aardvark is a capture the flag map. your team must work together to attack the enemy team's base in order to steal their flag (see pictures below) and bring it back to your team's capture point (see pictures below), while at the same time defending your own team's flag. the team with the most flag captures at the end wins.

Ff aardvark0021.jpg
Overview of the Flag Room.
Ff aardvark0022.jpg
Overview of blue team capture point.

players begin in the only resupply area in the map which allows you to either enter the base or exit via the balcony. The resupply area uses an area resupply field as opposed to bags and grenades are located just before the exit leading into the base.

Aardvark resupply collage.jpg

both team's bases are identical and have 3 routes in: the main ramp (see pictures below); the underground passageway (see pictures below); and the utility corridor (when the security system is not active) (see pictures below).

Aardvark front entrance.jpg
Overview of the Front Door. (click to zoom)
Ff aardvark0032.jpg
main ramp
Aardvark ungerground passage.jpg
underground passageway (click to zoom)
Aardvark utility passageway collage.jpg
utility passageway (click to zoom)

there is a security system which attacking players must deactivate for 30 seconds by touching the security button (see picture below) in order to gain entrance via the utility corridor and to open up the alternate entrance to the flagroom (see next section).

Ff aardvark0025.jpg
security button

the flag room is located directly above the main entrance and has 2 entrances to it: the right (standing on flag) entrance that is accessed either by going right after the ramp entrance or by using the utility passageway (if security is disabled); the left (standing on flag) which can be accessed by either going left from the ramp entrance (if security is disabled) or by using the underground passageway.