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When backstabbing, the animation would be a fast thrust much like a fencing thrust.

If we wanted to go further (which would be A C E if possible)... We could even add in a twist of the knife to make it look even more deadly. Imagine this: The spy backstabs someone with a thrust.. the thrust immediately kills the player, and then the spy quickly twists the knife (right handed thrust, so the knife and hand would turn 90 degrees clockwise in an exaggerated style) and as soon as the twist has ended, the corpse explodes into meaty gibs. That would be the ultimate in satisfaction. Deliciously evil.

When doing "everything else", the animation would be the current animation.

Also, one for the future possibly (as in ignore for now), but upon killing someone with the knife, it could get blood all over it and the spy wipes it off with his glove or a cloth. That'd look... evil. -- Defrag 16:01, 29 August 2006 (EDT)