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This should be placed on the right side of all the manual articles, to provide one-stop navigation of manual sections.


  • Usable
  • 90% done


To allow proper placement, The entire page is placed on a table.

  1. Place {{Infobox manual/Header}} on the top of the page above all content.
  2. Place {{Infobox manual/Footer}} at the bottom of the page, below all visible content.
  • Note: Both the /Header and the /Footer templates must be placed on the page.

On some pages (most notably, Category pages like the one found at Category:Mapping) using just {{Infobox manual}} may be preferable. This prevents the MediaWiki generated Category section from being pushed toward the bottom of the page. This presents no problems on pages without right-aligned elements on them.

All subpages

Just for informative purposes, here are all pages and sub-pages for this nav box: