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Sniper pic.jpg
Health Medium
Armour Medium (–)
Speed Medium –u/s
Power Medium
Role Offense

The Sniper is the master of long range combat in Fortress Forever. His speed and firepower make him ideal for attacking the enemy base either bypassing the defense or shooting them. The sniper has a rifle, scoped rifle and nailgun. The rifle is his most practical weapon, dealing tremendous damage at medium range. The scoped rifle is the weapon of choice for long range encounters, but limits your vision and maneuverability. The nailgun is a handy reserve for those days when you just can't seem to hit anything. Like the Scout and Medic, the Sniper also has concussion grenades. These give him the ability to conc jump to quickly reach the enemy base. Unlike the Medic, he does not have frag grenades, as he prefers to shoot his opponents than get within grenade range. If you wnat to take the fight to the enemy, and prefer shooting to grenades, the Sniper is the class for you.

Basic Strategy

Special Abilities

  • Radio Tag
    The Sniper's Rifle and Scoped Rifle fires custom-manufactured bullets that have short-range radio transmitters in them. He tags enemies that he hits but doesn't kill. This allows the Sniper and his team to see that enemy through walls out to a limited distance for a short period of time.




The sniper's main weapon rewards the accurate shot. It does more damage than the shotguns, but lacks the bullet spread that makes a shotgun easy to use. At long range it does less damage, so you need to approach to medium range in order to drop those defenders.

Scoped Rifle

Scoped Rifle

The long range brother of the rifle, this weapon can take down your opponents at any range. However, using it comes at a cost of slow movement and no peripheral vision. You must remain stationary prior to firing in order to steady the weapon. The bullet is an incredibly fast moving projectile, but you will need to lead moving targets at range.



Use this if you run of of shells for your rifle, or as a backup weapon for when you are conced.



The standard-issue crowbar for every class. It does some damage, but not enough to make a difference in a battle against a full-health opponent. It's a good humiliation tool for someone who is about to die, however.


Concussion Grenade

Concussion Grenade

Concussion grenades have two functions: to impair the enemy's aim and push players (including yourself) around. While the first function can be useful in some situations, by making the enemy's aim bad enough so that he cannot hit you, concussion grenades are most useful as a means of moving very quickly or to get places you otherwise could not get to. Concussion jumping (also known as conc jumping) is one of the most unique features in Fortress Forever, and is an invaluable tool in the hands of a skilled player.

Additional Strategy and Tips

Playing As Sniper

Despite being a little slower than the scout, you are just as useful at capturing flags! You make up for the speed with your strong weapons and extra hp. Use your concussion grenades to hop over to the enemy base and get that flag! Unlike the scout, you can take out quite a few enemies if the time calls for it. Use your rifle to attack enemies, and your long range scoped rifle where appropriate. Remember that your mission isn't to get kills, it's to get that flag to your base! Shooting a few of them to make it easier sounds like a good idea though. Anyone you shoot will be radio-tagged, so your teammates will know where they are and can easily finish them off. Once you have the flag, take the least guarded exit and conc to safety. Get it to your capture point and wait for the praise of your teammates, or the more likely soft mumble of excitement.

Offensive Sniper

Conc jump to the enemy's base. Concs give you a major speed boost that'll let you fly through the yard seperating the two bases with ease. Don't try to fight back. You're gonna need every bit of health you can.

Once you're in the base, make a beeline straight towards the flag, using whatever routes you wish. Keep your rifle out and blast anybody that tries to get in your way. Try not to get too close, the defenders have powerful weapons and grenades which can really hurt.

Once you've gotten the flag, you're probably hurting a bit. If there's a friendly Medic attacking, ask him to throw a Medikit to you. Otherwise, you'll have to make it as far as possible before you die. If you think you are going to die before making it back, throw it (C key by default) to an area that your team can access easily. It really sucks getting having hte flag dropped in an obscure corner because a rocket tossed you over there, then got killed with a Shotgun blast. If you threw it to an easily-accessible area, it'll make it very easy for your fellow attackers to grab the flag and run it back to base.

While you're carrying the flag, do not engage into firefights with the enemy. You can get very distracted while being fighting an oppoenent, and since you have the flag, the entire team (instead of defenders) will be attacking. Being pounded on by Super Shotguns from enemy Medics and being lit on fire by Pyros in addition to rockets and minigun bullets hitting you will make you die very, very fast.

If you prefer a more cautious approach, you can harrass a defender from long range with the scoped rifle. However, you may get surprised by a second defender, and you can do more damage if you get into range of your main rifle.

Defensive Sniper

As a defender, you can make yourself useful, taking potshots at long range and doing good damage at medium range. However, you haven't got the explosive power of a Soldier or Demoman to block off an area, and you don't have as much health as the standard defensive classes. You're just a bit too fragile to stand in the way of the enemy's medics and snipers.

Playing Against a Sniper

They're somewhat weak, so a few rockets should finish them off. A well-placed HWGuy, along with a Pipe Trap can tear a Sniper to pieces in no time. Many times snipers will not try to kill you but try to conc pass you in that case try to stop them with rockets or grenades, they might try to conc you so good conc aim skill will pay off. They might try to stay back and take pot shots from range. In which case you charge towards them, retreat round a corner, or dodge sideways and be content that while they are sitting back, they aren't getting your precious flag.

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