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Assault Cannon
Rate of Fire 0.1 Magazine Size N/A
Damage 12 Recoil .4
Projectile Info
Projectile Speed Instantaneous    
Hitscan Info
Bullets To Shoot 2 Bullet Spread .08
Pre Reload Time N/A Reload Time N/A
Post Reload Time N/A Spintime (AC) .7
Default Ammo 200 Max Ammo 300
Ammo Type Shells    

An enormous, shotgun shell spewing minigun. Used by the HWGuy.


Special Abilities

Strategy And Tips

To effectively use the Assault Cannon, fire it at close to medium range. The bullets will spread at long range, making it difficult to effectively harm a target at a distance. The assault cannon also has a very short windup time before it begins firing.

The AC can destroy anything if the target is close to it, so try to use it at chokepoints so that the enemy has to get close to you before moving on. At minimum, it'll inflict a serious amount of damage.

Be careful; while you're firing the minigun, your speed will be halved. It's best to stay at one position when using this weapon, so that your attempt at trying to chase an enemy isn't thwarted by your reduced speed.

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Image Gallery

The Assault Cannon after firing it for a while
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