Weapon:Incendiary Cannon

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Incendiary Cannon
Rate of Fire 1.2 Magazine Size 1
Damage 55 Recoil 4
Projectile Info
Projectile Speed 1000    
Hitscan Info
Bullets To Shoot 1 Bullet Spread N/A
Pre Reload Time .4 Reload Time 1.2
Post Reload Time .4 Spintime (AC) N/A
Default Ammo Variable Max Ammo 20
Ammo Type Rockets    

A highly modified RPG that fires flaming skulls that travel in an arc.


The rockets shot from this weapon obey the laws of physics, meaning that they'll travel downward once fired.

Special Abilities

Can set an enemy On Fire.

Strategy And Tips

The IC is primarily a medium-range weapon; it's arc prevents it from being used as an effective long-range weapon with any sort of accuracy. The weapon's splash damage will set an enemy on fire, so don't worry if you don't directly hit your target.

The IC, like it's big brother the RPG, can be used to make long jumps. Simply fire the weapon downward while jumping. You'll fly up, but because the Pyro is flame-retardant, he will not be set on fire. While you won't fly as far as a rocket jump would, you'll suffer less damage than you would from a rocket jump.

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Image Gallery

The IC being fired. Notice the angle that the projectile is at.
Pumping the IC.
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